[Live Updates] ACM ICPC Amritapuri Regional 2019-20

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Welcome to the live blog for the ACM ICPC Amritapuri Regional 2019-20. The contest is expected to begin by 9:45 am IST.

Link to Public Ranklist

This contest is being conducted at 3 different sites – Amritapuri, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

349 teams are battling it out today for the top spot and the competition is intense.

9:45am: The contest has begun. There are 12 problems in the contest.

9:50am: 5 minutes into the contest, we have 9 teams who have solved the first problem!

9:55am: We now have 3 distinct problems solved in the contest with no team having solved more than 1 problem.

AlgoJazz from IIIT Delhi got the first correct submission of the contest.

10:00am: pi=e=3 from BITS Hyderabad are leading the ranklist with 2 problems solved, followed by Min Cut Max Park from Shiv Nadar University.

10:05am: pi=e=3 solve their 3rd problem and continue to lead the ranklist. Team mastercode from IIT Tirupati follow at Rank 2.

10:10am: 11 teams have now solved 3 problems.

Top 3 teams currently:

1. pi=e=3 (BITS Hyderabad)

2. struct de self (IIT Kanpur)

3. AlgoJazz (IIIT Delhi)

10:13am: Boom_Shaka_Laka (IIT Patna) solve the 4th distinct problem of the contest!

23 teams have now solved 3 problems.

10:20am: 45 teams have now solved 3 problems.

10:27am: AlwaysReadyToOverkill (IIT Delhi) are the first team to solve 4 problems and they are at the top of the ranklist now!

10:31am: pi=e=3 solve their 4th problem and are back at Rank #1.

7 teams have solved 4 problems so far.

10:36am: Laila (IIT Roorkee) solve the 5th distinct problem of the contest (their 4th problem). If they quickly solve the 4th easiest problem in the set, they can move up to Rank #1.

10:46am: Laila solve their 5th problem!

10:47am: AlwaysReadyToOverkill solve their 5th problem to move to Rank #1, closely followed by Laila, 17 minutes behind on time penalty.

10:49am: 7 distinct problems are now solved in the contest.

12:13pm: 9 teams have now solved 6 problems. Laila (IIT Roorkee) leads the ranklist.

8 distinct problems have been solved in the contest so far.

12:15pm: AlwaysReadyToOverkill (IIT Delhi) solve their 7th problem to move back to Rank #1.

1:15pm: AlwaysReadyToOverkill (IIT Delhi) solve their 8th problem and extend their lead over Laila.

1 hour and 30 minutes remain in the contest. Who do you think will emerge as the top team?

The ranklist will freeze in 30 minutes.

1:30pm: With 15 minutes left for the ranklist to freeze, here’s what the standings look like:

1. AlwaysReadyToOverkill (IIT Delhi)

2. Laila (IIT Roorkee)

3. BhagwanBharose (IIT Bombay)

4. Persistent Creeps (IIT Varanasi)

5. I_See_AC (IIT Guwahati)

1:32pm: BhagwanBharose (IIT Bombay) solve their 8th problem to move up to Rank 2. However, they have 7 penalties on one of the problems!

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