[Live Updates] ACM ICPC Kanpur Regional 2019-20

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Welcome to the live blog for the ACM ICPC Amritapuri Regional 2019-20. The contest started at 10:20 am IST.

Link to Public Ranklist

11:05: Minimum Spanking Tree (Rank 2) gets WA on PRMPRT, the 3rd easiest problem of the set. Cogito Ergo Error (Rank 1) have 1 penalty on Convolution. the 2nd easiest problem of the set.

11:20: With a total of 365 submissions made we complete one hour into the contest. Team Cogito Ergo Error solve PRMPRT, their 5th problem. Here is what the ranklist currently looks like

  1. Cogito Ergo Error
  2. Minimum Spanking Tree
  3. tesla_protocol

11:40: Currently, there are 4 Teams with 5 correct submissions. The race to the top spot is becoming more interesting.

11:50: An hour and a half have passed, and teams are engrossed coding and testing their code. Team Cogito Ergo Error takes the lead, followed by PersistentTriers, and Fast_Code_Transform. 24 teams have solved at least 3 problems correctly.

12:05: 8 teams have 5 correct solutions on their plates. The total number of submissions has reached 502, as the top teams try to solve their 6th problem in the set.

12:15: We finally have a correct submission for the sixth distinct problem. There are 11 teams with 5 correct submissions now! Which team will solve their 6th problem first and take over the ranklist?

12:42: Finally, team I_See_AC from IIT Guwahati solves their 6th problem! and take the top spot on the ranklist. 12 other teams are still at 5 problems.

13:05: Persistent Triers gets a TLE on P1, and Minimum Spanking Tree has 6 penalties on P1, while no submissions have been made by team Cogito Ergo Error in the last 1hr 45 mins.

13:15: Team Cogito Ergo Error solve their 6th problem and the 7th distinct problem of the set. They take the second position after team I_See_AC while 19 other teams are still at 5 correct submissions.

13:20: We enter the fourth hour of the contest with a total of 745 submissions. 3 problems are yet to receive a successful submission while two problems have only one correct submission each.

13:35: Cogito Ergo Error solves their 7th distinct problem making their hold on the first spot even harder. Meanwhile, Fast_Code_Transform solves its 6th problem climbing up to the 2nd position.

13:40: Team tesla_protocol solve their 6th problem too and move up to Rank 4, the contest is becoming interesting as 3 teams are on 6 problems now.

14:00: Team Hold right there Sparky!! solve their sixth problem. There are 4 teams at 6 Problems and Cogito Ergo Error with 7 problems is at the top of the ranklist currently.

14:10: 10 minutes left until the ranklist freezes, 2 problems are yet to receive any successful submissions. Meanwhile, the top 3 teams are:

  1. Cogito Ergo Error
  2. Fast_Code_Transform
  3. I_See_AC

14:15: Right before the ranklist freezes team PersistentTriers solves their sixth problem too and make way to the 2nd spot with lesser penalty. PersistentTriers from Nirma University is the only team among the top 40 teams with 0 penalties!
14:20: Further increasing the mystery of this adrenaline packed contest the ranklist has frozen. The teams have a complete hour in hand. These are the current standings:

  1. Cogito Ergo Error
  2. PersistentTriers
  3. Fast_Code_Transform

15:20: 10 problems, 101 teams and 5 hours which are finally up. The teams did all that they could and now they wait until we announce the winners of ICPC Asia Kanpur Regional Contest. Stay tuned!
The wait is finally over as we reveal the names of the winning teams of coders at the ICPC Asia Kanpur Regionals.

  1. Cogito Ergo Error from Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi
  2. Hold right there Sparky!! from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
  3. I_See_AC from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Team CodeChef thanks everyone who joined us for this exciting series of updates. We congratulate the winning teams and all the participants. And as we say Keep Coding!

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