CodeChef DSA Student Offer

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About the Offer

The CodeChef DSA Certification provides the software industry a benchmark to evaluate and recruit the best programmers out there. More importantly, it provides a level playing ground to every software student and professional to choose a career path that s/he wants to.

CodeChef was essentially created for the programming community as a playground to practice and improve. Hence, with the aim to empower more students to upgrade themselves, we are introducing a special student discount programme that would offer the DSA certification at 20% less.

The aim of this programme is to help more students gain access to the certification programme and get ahead in this competitive world.

Eligibility Criteria

All students who graduate in 2020 and ahead are eligible for this programme.

How to get the Discount?

The offer can be availed in 3 simple steps:

  1. Register for the CodeChef DSA Certification at
  2. Fill out the form here and nominate your Faculty to validate

    Click Here to Nominate

  3. Team CodeChef will validate with the professor/ faculty nominated and will process the cashback. Hence, it is important to mention the correct details of the same. In case, the professor is unable to provide the same, please write to us at
  4. Get the cashback of 20% on the current Certification cost and upgrade your career.

Points to consider

  • This programme is only applicable for students graduating in and after 2020
  • The programme is applicable for all levels of certification.
  • A professor can recommend more than one student from his/ her Institute
  • The students would have to register and then apply for this programme. The cashback will be processed only once the professor recommendation is received.
  • We request the students to wait for 7-10 business days for the cashback to be credited into their accounts.
  • The discount is non-transferable.
  • The faculty validation will be valid for all attempts as applied for. In case the student wishes to appear for next level of examination, he/she would have to fill this form again.

In case of any other queries, please contact with the subject line: CodeChef DSA Student Programme.

You can read more about the Certification here:

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