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CodeChef has always believed that innovation is the change that unlocks new value. With this, in 2018, CodeChef opened its API for the community to experiment and develop apps that could benefit the community and also enhance the CodeChef platform. We received unprecedented response and it gave us immense joy to see the enthusiasm of our community members!

With time, the initiatives that CodeChef hosts have increased. Our responsibility for providing our community with the best experience and opportunities has also increased. This has resulted in us not being able to provide adequate support for the API. We are getting multiple requests from the community members who want to use the API but we are unable to meet the expectations. Hence, with a heavy heart, we will be discontinuing the API functionality on our platform for an indefinite duration.

We hope to bring it back, once we are confident that we can provide the required support for using the API.

To further understand your expectations from the API, we would request you to fill the following form:

Click to Fill the form

This will also help us to push ourselves to bring the API back to you sooner.

We thank you for your trust in the platform and promise you to always strive for the growth of the programming community.

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