February Long Challenge Surprise

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CodeChef Long Challenge

The February Long Challenge will start soon and with it the countdown to the Chef’s 11th Birthday! As a pre-birthday present, the Chef has decided to give the top scorers of the February Long Challenge special scholarships for the Certification Exam to be held in his birthday month!

For this, at the end of the contest, scores will be calculated for users of both divisions, including scores for the non-scorable problems, and ranks will be determined based on the category the user falls into (College Student/Professional/School Student). Ties will not be broken, and all the users with the same rank will be eligible for the corresponding scholarship.

Make the best of this opportunity and register for the scholarship now!

Register Now

Note: The last date for applying for the scholarship is 17th February 2020.

The scholarship amount also depends on the score achieved in addition to the rank.

For example, if a college participant finishes with rank 1 in their user category, but has scored only 250, then they will only be eligible for a 50% scholarship as per the criteria given below :

College Students :

Top 20 Participants (both Div 1 and Div 2 combined) from each College will be eligible for the scholarship (the highest category that you fit in) as per below criteria :

Scholarship Eligibility


Rank 1 in your College/University and score >=400


Rank <= 5 in your College/University and score >=300


Rank <= 10 in your College/University and score >=200


Rank <= 20 in your College/University and score >=100

School Students :

Top 5 participants from each school (both Div 1 and Div 2 combined) will win scholarships for the CodeChef Certification exam as per the below criteria (the highest category that you fit in) :

Scholarship Eligibility


Rank 1 in your school and score >= 300


Rank <= 3 in your school and score >= 200


Rank <= 5 in your school and score >= 100

Professionals :

Top 10 professionals from the entire professionals’ segment (Div A + Div B) will get scholarships as per below criteria (the highest category that you fit in) :

Scholarship Eligibility


Rank <= 3 among all participating professionals and score >= 400


Rank <= 6 among all participating professionals and score >= 300


Rank <= 10 among all participating professionals and score >= 200

Also, note the below points :

  1. It is necessary for all participants to update their correct Institution Name on their CodeChef profiles before the submission of the first solution. The profile information will be verified against the Institute ID submitted.

  2. Student Offer or any other on-going Offer CANNOT be combined with the scholarship. In case you have already registered for the Student Offer or used a coupon code for another on-going discount, a scholarship equal to the amount difference will be given to you.

  3. Only those participants who have registered in the Scholarship form will be eligible for a claim on the Scholarship.

  4. If you want to appear for the Expert Level certification, please write to us with your details and we can defer your scholarship for the May Certification.

  5. If you want to defer your scholarship until the May Exam, write to us with your details and a legitimate reason for the same.

  6. Two Rank Lists will be released :

  • A temporary Rank List immediately after the contest with the current ranks
  • A final Rank List after check for plagiarism is complete
  • In case of any conflicts, a participant can write to us with respective details and while we will do our best in keeping the contest fair for all, the decision of the CodeChef team will be final and applicable to all participants of the contest.

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    44 Replies to “February Long Challenge Surprise”

    1. Hey,

      This is Anurag Mohanty. I have joined IIT Madras from July, 2019. This can be verified in my Institute id-card. But I updated my codechef profile info after submitting 4th solution. Please help. Earlier my codechef profile stated that I was from NIT Rourkela. But I am now doiong Mtech from IIT Madras, which i know should have been modified to before submitting first solution, but I have done it now after submitting fourth. Please consider me since I am from IIT MADRAS from the past 7 months , just that i forgot to modify my codechef profile.
      Waiting for your kind consideration.

      Thanks and regards,
      Mtech CSE,
      IIT Madras

        1. Mam I am having the same problem I have updated my institute name from Panjab University to its complete name that is Panjab University Swami sarvanand Hospiapur after giving a submission .please help me out.
          Thanks and regards

    2. I’m in Div 1 and it is not easy to score >=400 in div 1, but it mentioned combined ranklist of div1 and div2. What does it mean by combined with >=400, can we count in the practice problems too or the >=400 should only be from div 1?

    3. If i get rank 1 and score >=400 in div2 from my college and someone else get rank 1 in div1 from my college only then what scholarship i am eligible for?

    4. My profile name previously was without initail but my id card has my full name with initial and I made 3 submissions already, can I get the scholarship

    5. Greetings Everybody!

      I inadvertently registered for the “February Long Challenge Surprise”, can someone please help with cancellation?

      Thanks in advance

    6. what about people who have year back and their college id card is not updated to show the year in which they are going to graduate after getting year back?

    7. Hi,
      I updated my year of passing to 2021 (earlier it was 2020, i was not aware about it ) after submitting 5 problems. My college ID show my year of passing as 2021.
      What should i do?
      Thank you..

    8. What if the person listed at rank 1 of an institute is not enrolled in that institute i.e. he has entered wrong details. Will the person at rank 2 receive 100% scholarship?

        1. The thing is..person who is ranked 1 from my institute has not applied for scholarship. Also this person do not belongs to my institute actually. He is from iiit dharwad . I am at rank 2 currently but actually I am rank 1.

      1. The Scholarship is available for programmers who participated in February Long Challenge. The winners have been sent their respective Coupon Codes which they can use when registering for the Certification Exam.

        1. Ma’am in the recently conducted challenge, I received the scholarship but due to certain unavoidable personal circumstances I won’t be able to take the exam that is being conducted on 22nd March. I wanted to know if I can avail this scholarship for the test to be conducted in May or if somehow I can defer this scholarship for the May certification exam. I did mail ccdsap@codechef.com but didn’t receive any substantial response. Please look into this, I shall be highly obliged for this kind gesture of yours.

    9. Please can you extend the deadline by a day, I just came to know about this and missed the deadline by a day.Please can you consider my request and extend the deadline. I will be very grateful.

    10. My score was 499.284 and i was ranked 1 in my university.
      My name is still not in the results list. CodeChef’s Emails are now working as of now, Can anyone help?

    11. In the Feb Long Scholarship results, the normalization is invalid as the same solution has got different scores after normalization.

      I had printed “1 1 0” in the challenge problem and my score was reduced to 66.034 whereas similar solutions of Div1 participants has recieved a score of 99.053.

      Some Div1. participants who have submited the same solution :

      Some Div2. participants with “1 1 0” solution :

    12. I have scored 799.29339 score in div 2 and has rank under 5 in my college but i didn’t received any mail regarding Coupon code. What should i do now?

    13. Mam my college rank is 1 but i have not received any related email …but my other class mates have received the email with coupon codes and also my name is the list of winners codechef has enclosed in their emails.
      Please provide me proper instructions.

    14. I have got scholarship but I want to appear for ccdsap which would be held after the one .i.e on 22nd march,2020. So, can i use the coupon for the next ccdsap exam?

    15. hi, i have successfully achieved the 75%scholarship but unfortunately,
      I could not enroll for the exam. As we know that the exam is postponed for the 24th may, So can i now enroll the exam and am i able to avail the scholarship?

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