To turning 11

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CodeChef Turns 11

Submissions and Challenges, Errors and Bugs

The Chef’s Kitchen is always hustling with its community and fresh serves!

Another year older and another year wiser

With us all together, all the hurdles become minor.

Eleven Years of this endeavor have been an enchanting journey

We promise to always support you with the same energy!

With successful-submissions to more than 8000 problems, the Chef hosted approximately 600 challenges in the last one year. More than 300 Campus Chapters are now functional in India with our campus representatives devoting significant efforts in enhancing the coding culture in their institutes. Our school student community is currently more than 30,000 strong and our Women Programmers community is growing steadily with almost 50,000 women programmers having made successful submissions on our platform till date.

Our presence nationally and internationally brought together a community of programmers who left no stone unturned in building one of the finest programming communities. More than 1700 users became CodeChef Certified and we collaborated with almost 30 companies to provide the best of industry opportunities to our community.

As the Chef now turns 11 today, we want to thank you all for your continuous support and for helping us become what we are. We appreciate all the efforts that you make in becoming better and better each day and we value all your suggestions in helping us do the same.

To celebrate this occasion, what better way than sharing the happiness with a community who has been such a strong force in supporting us realize the goal of promoting a culture of Competitive Programming!

A series of birthday special surprises from the Chef awaits you! The Feb Long Certification Scholarship was just the beginning. Stay tuned for many more surprises throughout the birthday week!

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