A new home for CodeChef!

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CodeChef was started in 2009 by Bhavin and team as part of Directi, to be a platform to help programmers enhance their skills, and create a community that fosters learning and growth. He has remained an unwavering guide and sponsor for us, doing everything possible to better the coding community.

We are now proud to announce a new milestone in our journey – we will soon be under the umbrella of Unacademy instead of Directi, and with the same set of values and mission in mind. Unacademy is India’s largest learning platform with over 10,000 educators and over 13 million learners, and its values have always been altruistic. Unacademy is working towards democratising education in the country by providing access to top educators, affordable quality content and the best learning experience to everyone who wants to crack competitive exams and build their careers. 

Gaurav Munjal, Co-Founder and CEO of Unacademy, is a dear friend to both Bhavin and me. He was an avid coder and a CodeChef user during his college years and was also a part of our CodeChef team in 2013 before working on his own ventures. His passion for coding has brought Unacademy and CodeChef together with the goal to help CodeChef scale new heights and impact a lot more people! Bhavin has been a Board Member of Unacademy since 2017 and will continue to remain one, and guide CodeChef jointly with Gaurav.

This transition is akin to us shifting houses – we have new caretakers and sponsors, but we will continue to remain who we are. CodeChef has and will always continue to operate with the improvement of the community as its foremost priority. While Unacademy is the new custodian of CodeChef, it will not change any of CodeChef’s initiatives. All our existing programs, contests, etc. will continue to remain exactly as they are, and will only grow better in our new home. This change in custodianship will mean that we have access to greater resources, teams, technology, platforms and capital. And we look forward to utilizing these to the fullest to expand our impact even more! Unacademy will also be pouring in time, effort and resources to ensure that the best courses to learn programming at all levels are available to everyone.

Here are some words from Bhavin, Gaurav and me about this transition:

Hope you are as excited as we are about all the new possibilities and collaborations!

With love,
Anup Kalbalia and the entire CodeChef team

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    1. Yes. We love conducting Snackdown as much as you do taking part in it. And, that is one thing that is going to resume after a brief pause. We are still to plan it out, though. But it will happen for sure. Keep looking out for an announcement on this in a couple of months.

    1. We understand and appreciate your concern. Any change is bound to create apprehensions. We are very hopeful that this is going to scale up our operations significantly and push us more towards our vision.

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