Stellar Competition: A Recap Of The Chaotic Coders’ Legacy Contest

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With the Coders Legacy contest coming to an end, it’s time to get your hands on all the details you might have missed. Hosted in collaboration with KeyGEnCoders this was one of our external rated contests for both Division one and two – an explanation for the unversed.  

In a nutshell, a lot of organizations, campus chapters and colleges host their own contests on CodeChef. We inspect every single one of these in detail to ensure excellent problems and strong test cases. KeyGEnCoders is one of the CodeChef Campus Chapters based in Kalyani, West Bengal. It is one of those Campus Chapters where programming comes alive with junior and senior students battling out amongst each other, volunteered by our representatives and the institution. So coming back to the Coders Legacy here is a recap of the frenzy that pushed the participants perilously close to the edge.

Rated for both divisions, the contest drew the interest of all players. This resulted in a photo finish battle that gave us an amazing competition. It started on the 15th of July at 9 pm and was over three hours later. With 5,515 participants and over 35,000 submissions, the competition was close and only the best were in with a fighting chance. 

There were seven problems to wade through to get to the revered number one rank. Chef vs Doof was the most popular problem amongst our coders with 4839 successful submissions and a near 50 percent accuracy rate. On the far end of the spectrum (and I mean really truly far) were our most elusive problems Perry learns Binary and Phineas and Marks. Both combined got only eight successful submissions with seven belonging to Perry learns Binary. The single correct answer to Phineas and Marks came from the United States-based user geothermal more about him as we move on, but first, let’s get to the rankings.

The first position was bagged by coder uwi, who continues with his winning streak since July Lunchtime. Ranked fifth globally, the star coder had his fight cut out for him, but he proved his mettle and managed to inch into first place. On the number two spot, we had 7-star coder from Russia, html_sanek who managed to solve six of the given seven problems to reserve this spot for himself. Rank number three went to solaimanope from Bangladesh who managed to accumulate 163 points in this contest, graduating from a 4-star player to a 5-star one. sam_2 claimed the fourth position right behind Soliamanope. The University of Auckland (New Zealand) student managed to make this competition count jumping stars from 6 to 7. Fifth place was secured by progmatic from Belarurs. Ranked 47th globally, progmatic had a close fight with sam_2 for the fourth spot but eventually had to settle for the fifth. The sixth position was occupied by nuip from Japan followed by geothermal who managed to capture seventh position, using the competition to advance from 5-star to 6-star.

Moving on, India’s performance in this challenge was rather impressive with near 1/4th of the top 25 being Indian players. The star performer who cracked his way into the top ten was shubham_12 The 6-star player stood firm at his eighth position, having solved five of the seven  given problems. Lagging behind him by just three spots was aviroop123 The orange band coder missed out on the top ten by a hair and had to settle for the eleventh position. Triumphantly making his way into the top fifteen was nitix who is just about 50 points away from being a 7-star. With an impressive performance, the coder secured the thirteenth position. User aniket9465 stood just two positions behind his compatriot. The 6-star coder, who is ranked fifty in India managed to solve four of the given problems to seal the deal. Scurrying to make it into the top 25 were supersri_pro and pro_noobie who both secured the position number twenty-three and twenty-four respectively. Both the orange band users, who are ranked somewhere in the sixties in India, pulled a stunning performance and managed to be seen on the first page of the rankings.

The problems were tough, the competition was stiff, and the organizers seemed to have enjoyed every bit of it. Upon asking organizer Sarthak Manna on his views on the problem Phineas and Marks he said, “In problems the last problem that Abhijeet (problem setter) set was the toughest no doubt. I actually expected zero submissions, but at last, we got one, so that was a good moment”. 

Also talking to us about his experience with CodeChef, Sarthak revealed that he most certainly enjoyed the contest. 

 “I loved interacting with the setters and testers. They were really nice, so that was a good part. And the competition ended well, and there was a lot of positive feedback, so it was overall nice,” said Manna. 

We also engaged in conversation with Avijit from the organizing team, to get to know his thoughts on the competition. When asked about his opinion on the toughest problem of the lot he told us the story of how it came to life  “The problem CLMARKS was inspired by a TedEd video of the Pirate Riddle and was basically thought out in a discussion with Jatin while sharing the original problem. There was a lot of talk which had gone behind this problem, specially to remove any ambiguity from this problem. Sarthak did challenge me that it would get 0 AC submissions, but eventually, we got an AC submission (geothermal) to this problem!”

Sharing his thoughts on the contest and how it culminated Avijit said “We had never imagined to get such huge participation in this contest and would like to thank all of the CodeChef team sticking with us throughout this time and helping us in all possible ways to organize the contest.”

Overall the Coders Legacy contest was an intense affair with some quality coders showing off some serious skills. With July already having had a fabulous Long Challenge and the Lunchtime yet to come, this promises to be a spectacular month. Keep your eyes peeled for the next rated (or unrated) contest. Till then, this is CodeChef correspondent Riddhi Acharya hoping that the players can keep this momentum going and give us more breathtaking performances down the road.

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