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With the CodeChef Creator Hunt contest, we decided to mix things up, throw in some creative prerequisites along with coding skills, because, well, nerd is the new cool, right? And we were right! We received some of the coolest, smartest, engaging, entertaining, and informative submissions through the contest – infotainment at its purest. CodeChef Creator Hunt saw a pretty impressive footfall thanks to a very helpful community and those of you who never let go of a chance to give back!  With several exceptional videos, it was a challenging task to choose the ones that stand out from the rest.

Creator Hunt – The idea behind this

CodeChef’s Creator Hunt was a contest run among the community to find the new faces of Indian competitive programming on YouTube. That’s right, the PewDiePies and CarryMinatis of programming! Exceptional people who help coders understand and solve CodeChef problems in a comprehensive and most importantly, fun way.

The competition was relatively simple; each participant had to create and submit a video explaining the solution to a problem listed on CodeChef.

Submissions – the ones who made it through

The contestants had a week for making the final submissions, and we had no idea that the responses would be so overwhelming. By the end of the week, there were over 500 videos with us. A single participant had the liberty to submit multiple videos.

We had all kinds of entries – the camera savvy, the camera-shy, the innovator, the old school, and many more. While some looked straight into the camera and discussed the problems, others resorted to a whiteboard, keeping it businesslike but choosing not to face the camera. Some even took up the good old chalk and blackboard, taking us down the memory lane. 

Coming to the evaluations

The evaluation was no easy job, and definitely not a one-person task. Nine programming experts, and two experts on aesthetics, presentation and communication, were taken on board for the Herculean task of evaluating 500+ videos. No, it didn’t end there. After the initial filter, CodeChef seniors took to re-check the technical and non-technical scores and came down to shortlisting eighty videos. However, the job was still not done. The most challenging part was to come down to fifty from eighty, and after several rounds of evaluation and discussions on Google Meet, the impossible was finally achieved.

The videos were mainly judged based on two basic parameters – the technical knowledge of the contestant and content delivery. There was weightage given to some non-technical aspects as well, such as aesthetics of the video, screen presence, and voice modulation.

And then there were the winners!

The gruelling task of evaluation paid off, and indeed so when we saw the reaction of the participants as we personally informed them about their selection. A warm, first-hand reaction of surprise and happiness from participants all across the globe who have worked hard for the contest – makes up for everything.

The Top 50 submissions selected based on the above criteria were all unique – just what’s needed to stand out from the rest. CodeChef appreciates a creative mind, and as a token of appreciation, we will reward these 50 creators with a prize of $200 each. Not just that, some of them will also get to have a chance to work with us!

The winners have been from India as well as from other countries, including the Americas, Bangladesh and UAE. Creators from different regions of India have come up and provided us with some exceptional content.

School students have also taken a considerable interest in the Creator Hunt and have made it to the Top 50. You can have a look at the Top 50 creators here.

Letting the treasure out

The top 50 videos we selected were too good to keep away from our vast community of coders. Voilà! A brand-new YouTube channel with all the videos for you to enjoy. Yes, you read that right, a YouTube channel filled with fantastic coding content dedicated to solving problems, discussions, and teaching, all on video. The channel will have educators explaining solutions from its practice section and teaching various essential concepts of competitive programming and DSA.

But there’s something we need you to do to return the favour. We need you to tune in and smash the LIKE button on the video you love the most.

Cast your vote to get the best video!

The Top 50 creators will be ranked again, not by any evaluator from the CodeChef team, but by the community. Based on the number of views and likes the Top 50 videos get on the new CodeChef YouTube channel, the most popular video will end up being the winner. The creator of that video will be rewarded with a special prize.

The fight for the best submission video will be open for a week (29/7/2020 – 5/8/2020), and we will be announcing the winner of the People’s Choice Award soon after. There’s still a lot of competition left so hold onto your seats for some exciting results.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude towards all the participants, the evaluators and the community as a whole. Without your engagement and appreciation, the contest could not have ended on a high note.

In case after reading this report, you feel that you can try your hands on video-based teaching, then we have a platform for that as well. Just fill this form, and the next thing you know, you could be up there on our channel. 

If your content is unique and meets our criteria, we’ll reach out to you. If we receive more such requests, we might even announce the next contest! All these and more in the upcoming channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest updates from us.

This is CodeChef correspondent, Ashutosh Pandey, signing off and inviting you to share your views on this blog. Till then, stay tuned for more!

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