Breaking Records And Making Impact – July Lunchtime 2020 Was A Buzzing Affair

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Last to last weekend was no time to relax and unwind because that weekend was CodeChef Lunchtime 2020. The 3-hour challenge saw 95,030 submissions over the two divisions with some determined coders taking the bull by its horns. The top rank holders, most holding aces already, battled it out on a challenging field, thanks to our problem setters. 

A heavyweight grind – Division 1.

With the star-studded (and quite literally so) top 5 of Division 1, it seemed like the contest was a race amongst stalwarts. Isaf27, the 7-star CodeCheffer from Russia has been dominating all CodeChef contests he’s taking part in, and the July Lunchtime was no exception. The Economics student with a rewarding penchant for programming claimed the first spot at the contest with a perfect score of 500. The only dent in his otherwise incredible streak in CodeChef contests was the negative rating of 70 in the July Long Challenge.  However, it was more than compensated for with a jump of 136 points in this contest. Japanese star coder, uwi makes his way into the top 5 again finishing second. The JAVA wizard’s impeccable record seemed to have played against him this time as the law of average cost him a rating drop of 26 – not something he can’t recover from in no time, though. Homeboy aviroop123 held rank three with an increased rating of 137. With a steep leap from rank 478 in April Lunchtime, and some commendable performances in various CodeChef contests in between, aviroop123’s graph has been worth a watch. 7-star coder risujiroh from Japan secured the fourth position showing a consistent and steady rise from February Lunchtime where he was ranked five. The fifth spot goes to hitonanode, also from Japan. The coder may have climbed down a couple of ranks since June Lunchtime but with an increased rating of 135, the CodeCheffer has made his way to the red band league of 7-star programmers. kal013 was the second Indian to finish in the top 10, securing the eighth position. With a consistent presence in the top 20 in Lunchtime over the past year, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India student seems to be inching towards the big rank in the next contest. 

Division 2 – a surprise package. 

We mentioned that July Lunchtime 2020 had 95,030 submissions. Did we say that 89,977 of them were in Division 2? You heard that right – the highest participation, and the highest number of submissions ever on a short contest by CodeChef. Now let’s take a look at the best takeaways from Div 2. 3-star coder, rns6 from North Korea comes to CodeChef’s contest platform with a clean slate and owns the first spot at his every first challenge. With a mystery coder hitting the ball way out of the park, Lunchtime Div 2 was a shocker. Chinese student simphoni, just two CodeChef contests old, finished in the second position. simphoni was last seen earlier this month at the Long Challenge, where the coder was ranked 190th.  After two novice coders claiming the first two spots, we finally have a familiar name at the third spot – June Lunchtime champion, ushakovfedor. The Russian coder probably wouldn’t mind the drop in ranking as the contest came with 183 points to his name, taking him to a higher notch of purple banded coders. The Indian tri-colour sets the scheme of the Div 2 ranklist with four Indian coders sitting on fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth position. At number five, ayasherayasher from West Bengal, India appeared for his first Lunchtime ever, making it to the top 10 at the first go. Indian Institute of Technology Patna Bihar, India student prem_1412, ranked sixth, made a promising comeback from his September Lunchtime 2019 performance. With just three CodeChef contests to his name, New Delhi coder kcalm062 ranked seven followed by Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad student childhood

What’s your (favourite) problem? 

Of the seven problems, Binary Concatenation received the highest number of successful submissions in Division 1. With the 428 successful submissions and an accuracy of 14.28, it was the most attempted problem. Colured Pairings, with just six successful submissions, was the least. The problem had an accuracy rate of 5.83, and the only user to get a perfect score on this one was Japanese coder risujiroh. Coming to Division 2, Chef and Steps bagged the highest successful submissions scoring 8726 with an accuracy of 33.96. The least was Profitable Paths 2  with just seven successful submissions and an accuracy of 4.22. The first perfect score on this one was achieved by third runner-up ushakovfedor who solved the problem in 0.38 seconds. 

While the heavyweights dominated Division 1, Division 2 came with its own set of surprises. What did you think about the freshly concluded match? Let us know what’s on your mind. This is Debanjan, signing off, until the next match report. 

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