Code Ensemble 2020 – A Thrill From Start To Finish.

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Code Ensemble 2020 was full of great performances. Organized by the DotSlash community of Indian Institute of Technology, Nagpur, this external rated contest was scorable only for Division Two. With tough problems and little time to solve them, the contest had all the rookie players glued to their screens.

Before the contest started, we got in touch with problem setter Arun Das and asked him what he thought would be the toughest problem.

“I personally feel that CENS20B(Cherry and Squares) will be the toughest since it is based on a mixture of dynamic programming and data structures and is relatively harder to implement,” he said. 

The competition commenced with keyboards blazing and didn’t slow down at all. The players had seven problems to work through and they did not disappoint. 6-star user geothermal got the first successful submission of the competition just one minute in, for the problem Priya and And. This problem proved to be the bandwagon, as by the end it had accumulated over 12,000 submissions out of which 4,898 were accepted. Another problem popular among the participants was Help Martha. The first successful submission for this one came from user vladprog. By the time the contest ended Help Martha had garnered 2,215 successful submissions. On the other end of the spectrum were problems Cherry and Pyramids and Cherry and Squares. The first user to crack Cherry and Pyramids was once again geothermal. While the problem got 31 successful submissions darshanjain31, akshay_kumar99, and mabhay3420 were the only three Division Two players in the list. Just as Arun predicted Cherry and Squares proved to be a tough problem. geothermal was the one with the first successful submission for this problem. When the contest ended only five answers got the green tick, and all of these belonged to Division One players. 

The rank list was full of great competition. Topping the charts was Indian user shouryap. He gained 207 points in this contest, changing stars from 3 to 4, and he is now a Division One player. Right behind him was compatriot doubleux. Similar to shouryap, doubleux managed to make this competition count gaining 183 points, and becoming a 4-star user. Third position was bagged by user prabhakar_987. Mirroring the players before him, Prabhakar used this competition to move-up from a 3-star player to a 4-star player. After him came 1-star user darshanjain31 from India, who gave a stunning performance to clinch fourth place. Next was user ravan9 who stood at fifth position, having managed to change stars from 3 to 4. sobolevich from Brazil claimed the sixth spot and at the same time switched up from a 3-star player to a 4-star player. Seventh position went to user cheeta_coder from India, who gained 171 points to become a 4-star user. At the number eight spot we had dtc03012 from South Korea. This user accumulated 235 points in the contest and now qualifies as a 3-star user. Position number nine and ten went to fatal_destiny and kamol7 respectively. User fatal_destiny jumped two stars to become a 3-star user, while kamol7 went from 3-star to 4-star. 

After the contest we also spoke to problem setter Aman Dwiwedi on the behind-the-scenes experience of hosting a contest.

“It was our first time organizing the rated contest, so it was a new experience for us. It was an exciting one and CodeChef really helped us in providing a great platform. We hope we can come up with the “Rated for All” version soon” he said. 

In conclusion, the Code Ensemble 2020 was a fun contest. With visits from 7-star players like EgorK, aryanc403 and sjshohag the contest saw an astounding display of skills. We saw a lot of players in this contest move from Div Two to Div One  and we hope to see more of these promising players in the upcoming contests. 

If your college would like to start its own coding club visit here, and to host your own contest on CodeChef reach out to us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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