Gripping and Compelling: This Is How The August Cook-Off 2020 Went Down

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August Cook-Off 2020 Match Report

We are sure that you will agree that August Cook-Off 2020 was a coding competition worth remembering. An unexpectedly high number of users jammed the servers, causing a minor bump in the road in the beginning. But once that was taken care of, the last Cook-Off went as exciting as ever. With unsolvable problems and unexpected comebacks, this is how the story unfolded. 

The Platter Of Problems.

As 9 pm drew closer we could all feel the tension in the air. The contest got off to a fiery start. Both the divisions had their hands full with five problems each. The first successful submission in Division One came for the problem Polygon Relationship. Eventually, this proved to be the most popular problem in Division One. At the time the competition ended 825 players had tried to solve this problem and 681 emerged triumphant. Chefina and Dishes was the problem that had the Division One players confused, as only 19 players were able to give the correct solution to this problem. Even tougher than this was the problem Safety in Treeland. Merely 50 players were brave enough to attempt this problem and none were successful.

Meanwhile, Division Two was hard at work. The most popular problem here was Chef and Work. The problem got 16,225 submissions out of which 6,771 got the green tick. Not far behind on the list was Polygon Relationship. In this division, this problem got 4754 accurate submissions. Not all problems proved such crowd favourites as the problem Red-blue Trees definitely had the players stumped. The first successful submission for this one  came from user james42. When the contest ended this problem had just 57 submissions with the green tick. Similar to Division One, even here we had a problem with zero accurate solutions. Beautiful Subsequence was attempted by over 250 users but alas none hit the bullseye. 

After the contest, we got in touch with problem setter Arthur Nascimento who set the toughest problem in Division One – Safety in Treeland and talked to him about the way he set it and how it performed. 

“My inspiration for it, in general, was problems regarding subtrees updates. I wanted to create a problem where you need to do a series of operations on the tree and some data structure, but for some reason, it was not obvious that you were able to do all the required operations in time. That’s why there is a parameter R[i], and a condition on the statement that implies not trivially that their sum are small. I expected a small number of contestants to solve my problem, but it turned out that no one solved it.” he said 

The Action-Packed Rank Lists.

The rank list was an exciting affair in both the divisions. In Division One the chart was topped by user nuip from Japan. nuip certainly gave an impressive performance, leaving behind several ruffled 7-star players in the quest for gold. Although he entered the competition as a 6-star player, he left it as a proud red coder. Second place was stolen by 5-star user kevinwan from Canada. Like nuip him, Kevin also managed to jump stars, as he is now a 6-star coder. The next three positions were an all 7-star deal as users uwi, iafir, and kmaaszraa claimed positions three to five respectively. The Indian player that shone through in Division One was shubham_12. Shubham put up a great show as he bagged the seventh position. Other Indian players who managed to secure a place in the top 25 were kokil87, the_eagle, taran_1407, dinesh_12345, knandy and vsriram10.

At the same time, Division Two had equally tough problems to tackle. 1-star user james42 stunned everyone as he bagged the first position. The competition worked out great for him as he is now a 3-star user. Second place went to user hayven from Poland. hayven started the competition as a 3-star user and ended it as a 4-star one. Next was Indian user zindagime_aish. Mirroring hayven, zindagime_aish also jumped stars from 3 to 4. In the fourth place we had user bhagwa_brigade. This was the user’s first-ever CodeChef competition, and  bhagwa_brigade did a great job, advancing from a 1-star user to a 3-star user. Right behind him was compatriot saravpreet14. Saravpreet also managed to make this competition count jumping two stars to become a 3-star user. Other Indian users that gave pleasing performances were betaphoenix who grabbed the seventh position, ad_1608 who clinched the ninth position and fatal_destiny who stood at tenth place. 

At the end of the day, the August Cook-Off 2020 was one heck of a competition. With such tough problems to solve we hope the players enjoyed it as much as we did. Until next time, this is CodeChef correspondent Riddhi Acharya hoping that this contest has left all the players revved and waiting for the August LunchTime 2020

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  1. Please next time manage the contest in better manner. This time there was server error for at least 15 min. As a result of it many of coders including me couldn’t particpate int he contest. Although the time was extended for 15 minutes but in short contest person get better rank with the minimum time he took for the problem to be submitted.

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