The CodeChef July Contests 2019 vs 2020: An Absolute Delight Both The Times.

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CodeChef Contests July 2019 vs July 2020

Growth is always measurable by comparisons, and today we have compiled stats from the 2019 CodeChef July contests and the 2020 CodeChef July contests. From which players were consistent performers both years to what problems fared best, read on to find out how the same challenges panned out both years.

First contest first: The Long Challenge

The July Long Challenge 2019 that started on the 5th of July 2019 and lasted till the 15th was undoubtedly a competition to remember. With 8 problems to solve in both divisions, the players certainly had a lot on their hands. The most popular problem in Division One was Guess the Prime! with a total of 5666 successful submissions. We can only assume that Maximum and Minimum was the toughest problem in the lot. With only 943 people attempting the problem, the number of successful submissions stood even smaller at 30. Meanwhile, Division Two was hard at work. Parity Again was the problem that scored the most submissions here at 35,699. The problem that had all the players scratching their head was.(Challenge) CodeChef War 2. Only 28 players were brave enough to send submissions and just 14 emerged victorious.

Moving on to the July Long Challenge 2020. Both divisions were given 10 problems, and the players certainly had their work cut out for them. In Division One  Missing a Point was the problem that garnered the most successful submissions at 1,453 (48.72℅). The most elusive problem in division one was Easy Geo xD. With only 319 overall submissions, the right solutions number stood even smaller at just 13. At the same time, Division Two was also facing tough competition. Chef and Strings and Chef and Card Game saw huge amounts of submissions with 60,000+ and 50,500+ submissions respectively. The problem that had the division two players racking their brain was Expected Repetitions. Although 3333 players attempted to solve it only 4 got it right.

The Cook-Offs

Cook-Off is a competition you can always count on for being exhilarating. In the 2019 July Cook-Off both divisions were given 5 problems. For Division One Birthday Gift Again was the problem showered with the most love as it had the highest amount of both submissions and successful submissions. The Division One problem Magical Menu didn’t turn out to be so magical after all as only 8 of the 30 submissions were right. In Division Two the problem Playing With Strings was the most attempted and solved problem. It had 6654 submissions out of which 3260 got the green tick.  The problem War in Treeland Again certainly waged war on the players as just 4 out of the 71 who attempted it were successful.

This is how the 2020 July Cook-Off went down. Division One had 8 problems to solve while division Two had it a little easier with only 6. In Division One the problem OR-thodox Distinction had the most submissions at 2,017. The problem

 I Hate Symbo-LIS-m was the hardest problem to solve in Division One with only 5 trying and 2 being successful. The most attempted and solved problem in Division Two was Even-tual Reduction. It got 12530 submissions out of which 7834 got the green tick. The In-XOR-able Task was the most elusive problem in Division Two. Although a total of 422 players did attempt to solve it just 6 were successful.

Time for LunchTime

Here is a look at how the 2019 July LunchTime fared. Delete a Subarray was the most popular problem in Division One, with 782 submissions. Unfortunately, not a lot of the submissions were right as the accuracy rate was merely 20.33 per cent. Police and Thieves turned out to be the toughest problem here. With just 28 overall submissions and a singular successful one, Police and Thieves definitely gave the participants a tough time. In Division Two the problem that stole the spot for most submissions was Easy Math with 5480. This problem also got the most successful submissions at 2822. Equal Median was the problem that frustrated the coders of division two, as only 19 bothered to send a submission and merely 2 claimed bragging rights.

The July LunchTime 2020 was just as thrilling as the July LunchTime 2019. Similar to 2019 both the divisions were assigned 5 problems. In division one Binary Concatenation acted as bandwagon with nearly 3000 submissions. However only 428 of the submissions we’re accurate. Coloured Pairings was a problem that certainly didn’t go the players way. There were over 10000 submissions but only 6 (yep, you read that right) hit the mark. In Division Two Chef and Steps was the most solved problem with an accuracy rate of 33.96 per cent. The Coloured Pairings of Division Two was

Profitable Paths 2. 165 coders sent in answers but unfortunately only 7 got the green tick.

Consistent players from both years-

Consistency is a vital part of a good player. Here is the list of players who managed to secure a position in the top 10 (same contest) both years.

  1. zhouyuyang – he managed to secure a rank in the top 10 in both July Long Challenges. In 2019 he bagged ninth position and back then he was a 6-star user. This time he stood at the fifth position and he is currently a 7-star coder.
  2. progmatic – In the 2019 July Cook-Off progmatic claimed the second position. In 2020 he managed to secure the tenth position. Since 2019 progmatic has changed stars from 6 to 7.
  3. uwi – uwi was the shining star of the 2019 July Cook-Off where he was ranked one. At that time he was a 6-star player. This July Cook-Off he secured the fifth position and at the moment he is a 7-star player. 
  4. kal013 – In the 2019 July LunchTime kal013 stood at the seventh position as a 6-star user. This time in the same contest he secured the eighth position as a 7-star user.
  5. progmatic – Aside from the Long Challenge, progmatic also gave a good performance in the 2019 and 2020 July LunchTimes. In 2019 he bagged the first position, and this year, he was ranked tenth.

Naturally over the years, some parts of the competitive programming world evolve and certain things stay the same. We hope you enjoyed this trip down the memory lane as much as we did.

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