A Rapid-Fire Interview With CodeChef Representative Arnab Sharma.

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CodeChef Representative - Arnab Sharma

Representatives are an indispensable part of the CodeChef community. From hosting competitions to going back to school and introducing kids to coding, they are our biggest heroes. Managing studies/work and organizing a competition at the same time is bound to be tough, and recently we got in touch with Arnab Sharma and talked to him about his experience hosting the competition with CodeChef. Arnab, who is from Pune, is currently a second year undergrad pursuing B-Tech in mechanical engineering, from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur.

A self-proclaimed competitive coding fan, Arnab also enjoys Graphic Designing and reading about Robotics. He is passionate about technology, and hopes to use it to help people around the globe have a better lifestyle. Arnab was the volunteer for the recently concluded contest M-Code, in association with CodeChef. M-Code was certainly a great contest, as even though unrated it caught the interest of more than a few players. Here’s a quick chat with Arnab Sharma about his experience as a representative for CodeChef.

So, how was your overall experience hosting a competition with CodeChef?

It was good, great, but there was a long line in the submissions, so that was a major problem we faced.

Any takeaways?

Well, it was our first time creating problems so really nice. The participation was also good around 1200, which was more than we expected.

The problems in this contest were based on algorithms, data structures, and problem-solving, and they proved tough to crack. The competition caught the fancy of a lot of players, which naturally led to great participation.

What was your favorite part of the contest?

Favorite part was creating problems, I was also involved in it, and it was fun.

Favorite problem?

Bars and Truck.

Did the problem perform as expected?

Almost, we expected a few more submissions, but the contest was shortened, so that didn’t happen.

Before the contest ended this problem certainly saw a lot of love as more that 800 players got busy trying to solve it.

What did you think the most challenging problem would be?

Again, Bar and Truck. There were like four setters involved, so it was bound to be tough.

Arnab was certainly right with his predictions as only 75 out of the 825 players who sent submissions for this problem got the green tick.

Any problem in the set you found interesting?

Uhh… there was one problem on graphs, I don’t remember it a lot anymore, but a friend of mine did it. And it was unique, based on graph theory, so yeah, that was cool.

That was Arnab Sharma in conversation with CodeChef. Do let us know about your questions for Arnab, and stay tuned until we bring you another fun conversation with a new volunteer.

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