CodeChef August Lunchtime 2020 | Gennady Makes A Comeback To The Nail-Biting Contest

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August Lunchtime 2020 Match Report

The August Lunchtime 2020 was nothing short of a 3-hour roller coaster ride. One of the most exciting Lunchtimes in recent memory, the contest had around 60160 submissions. We witnessed some great performances across both Divisions. Let’s talk about the big rank shuffles, intense competitions, the toughest problems, and everything else that went down.

Division 1 – The Fight between The Best

With only one coder with a perfect score, this Lunchtime was pretty challenging for the Division 1 stars. gennady.korotkevich, the Global Rank 1 holder, made his return to Lunchtime after more than a year, and he surely lived up to our expectations. With the only perfect score of 600, the Belarusian programmer led the charge in Division 1. Not only that, but he also managed to solidify his unsurpassed rating by adding another 50 points, finishing at a jaw-dropping 3713. If you think that’s astonishing, hear me out when I say that he did all this in under 90 minutes!

Picture of Gennady Korotkevich
Gennady Korotkevich, Photo courtesy of the ITMO University

Securing the 2nd spot was the 7-star coder samvel. With the best performance of his CodeChef career, samvel finished the contest with a score of 450. The Armenian programmer has made significant progress over the past few months and has finally landed in the elite zone. He finished off the Lunchtime with a rating of 2565, having made a monumental increment of 140 points. The Japanese coder moririn2528 grabbed the third position. The 5-star coder has been by far the most improved programmer in the August Lunchtime. Having started his journey with CodeChef in April 2020, moririn2528 made incredible progress over five months. Improving with each contest, he finished with a rating of 2117.

The 4th and 5th positions were grabbed by flowerofsorrow and the homeboy taran_1407, respectively. The striking feature of the August Lunchtime 2020 was its competitiveness. This is pretty evident when you notice that four of the top five contestants have the same score.

Division 2 – The Exciting Battleground

What if I tell you that Division 2 was more competitive and enticing than Division 1? The August Lunchtime has to be one of the most memorable one in terms of the performances in Division 2. With rank shuffling happening till the final minutes of the contest, Division 2 did not disappoint.

The North Korean coder olihun owns the 1st spot in Division 2 this time. This was only the second contest for the 4-star programmer on CodeChef, and he came out on top in the final minutes of the competition. Lagging in the initial stages, olihun made significant progress in the last minutes and moved past everyone in Division 2. He finished the contest with a rating of 1978, making an increment of 275 points and moving into Division 1. Grabbing the 2nd position in Division 2 was the North Korean rns6. rns6 dominated most of the August Lunchtime sitting comfortably on the 1st position before olihun pulled off the final strings. He finished off the contest with a rating of 1978.

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions were all secured by the Indian participants bugs_bunny_001, practiceguy101, and arsh1598, respectively. bugs_bunny_001 spent a significant amount of time at the top but had to satisfy with the 3rd rank in the end.

Indian Programmers – The Dark Horses

Let us take a moment to appreciate the performance of Indians in both Divisions. We witnessed a great show of skill and talent from them, and they went head to head with the very best. 9 Indians finished in the Top 25 for Division 1, and 17 made the Top 25 list in Division 2. There were moments when Indian coders were leading all the way and were competing with the likes of gennady.korotkevich. We hope that this form continues for our homeboys.

The Problems – A Pool of Complex Riddles!

Some problems left the coders completely perplexed until the very end of the contest. Game on a Strip was by far the most loved problem in Division 1 with 773 submissions. It had an accuracy rate of 24.79, which shows how challenging the problems were this time. Mode of Frequencies had the highest submission with 6540 in Division 2. The most challenging problem in Division 1 was Chefina and Swaps. With only 2 submissions and an accuracy rate of 3.64, this problem certainly left the coders thinking. Elevator had the least number of submissions in Division 2. Only the Top 2 North Korean participants were able to crack it. What was your favorite problem from the contest?

Division 1 was more of domination by the very best, but Division 2 certainly surprised us all with its competitiveness. The August Lunchtime was attention-grabbing and kept us glued to our seats till the very end. What are your views for the freshly conducted contest? Let us know by commenting down below. That’s it from my side. This is Ashutosh signing off until the next match report. Till then, keep coding!

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