CodeChef College Chapters Is Looking For Leaders – Are You The One?

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Eleven years ago, CodeChef embarked on an arduous but rewarding journey of making programming a thriving culture on India’s college campuses. To do that, we zeroed in on a project that would eventually change the way Indian students thought about coding. The idea was to nurture a programming culture among Indian students. A culture that would hone their skill as coders with a focus on problem-solving, rather than a vocational course. With programming discourses, workshops, interactions, mentorships, and competitions, we wanted to make learning coding go much beyond theoretical knowable. Thus the idea of College Chapters was born. 

What is CodeChef College Chapter? 

CodeChef College Chapters are the programming clubs run and maintained by the official chapter leaders and mentored by CodeChef. They aim to make learning competitive programming accessible for students across the globe. Today, after about 400 college chapters, competitive programming has become a significant event in the Indian tech universe. With Indian students bringing in international competitions, and major tech companies taking a keen interest in CP ranks for recruitment, one can say that we’re headed in the right direction. But competitions are just a part of what goes on in the Chapters. An environment conducive to learning and experimenting with programming is the objective of the College Chapters. With several aspects of programming ranging from workshops to mentorship, College Chapters hve been making the programming scene better, one chapter at a time.  

Did we do it all by ourselves? No. The journey would have been impossible to traverse without the aid of all the Chapter leaders who have led their colleges to an enriching experience of competitive coding. Chapter Leaders play a pivotal role in building a robust Competitive Programming culture on campuses.

Here’s how our leaders help build a programming community: 

  • They help peers, juniors and fellow students become better problem solvers, which foster learning and professional development.
  • They are responsible for conducting different activities and engagements to achieve the mission, such as:
  • Organizing events, meetups, and speaker sessions on campus to raise awareness
  • Hosting various contests and competitions to facilitate learning
  • Conducting programming workshops and doubt-sessions for better learning
  • Go back to school and help school students in learning programming.

What does it take to be a CodeChef College Chapter Leader? 

To say the least, it takes an undying passion for programming. A programming aspirant who has identified the lack of guidance about competitive programming in campuses, and wants to set things right, is the ideal candidate for this leadership position. Our Chapter Leaders possess skills such as planning, problem-solving, perseverance, and have a high bar of expectations for themselves and others. They demonstrate interpersonal skills through their interactions with various stakeholders, along with a passion for competitive programming Hand in hand with CodeChef, a Chapter Leader spreads awareness and creates opportunities for his fellow students. They lead to develop and lead a local programming community on their campus with a host of activities as mentioned above. In other words, A Chapter Leader is a hero every college needs, as well as deserves. You can be the one!

What do the leaders have to say? 

Competitive programming doesn’t see big cities or small – all it sees is merit and dedication. Our leaders have initiated the culture of programming in their college with CodeChef College Chapters, and they have flourished into thriving communities regardless of where they’re from. Here’s what the Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing Kancheepuram Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Chapter Chapter (Chennai_coders) leader has to say about the experience: 

Being a CodeChef Chapter Lead, I would say that I was able to initiate the process of hosting regular contests to develop the coding culture in the college to a large extent, thanks to CodeChef so that people would get more exposure. It was fantastic to be a part of the college chapters and had a tremendous coordinating experience with the CodeChef team. Being a part of the college chapters contest team has helped me gain more experience, looking forward to some more contests. In a word, I would like to sum up the whole experience as Awesome.

Here’s what Manas Kosla, who led the way to build a programming community (C3Koders) in his college, Guru Nanak Dev University Regional Campus, Gurdaspur, from the very scratch has to say.

In my college, there was no Competitive Programming culture – not even simple programming. Being from a Tier III college that always made me sad. The community support and bonding are excellent. I love it. Also, what I liked with CodeChef was it genuinely promotes programming rather than just the brand. I love how nice and easy it is to get in touch with is the support from CodeChef. 

What do the leaders take away? 

All the hard work put in by the Chapter Leaders are paid off handsomely.  As Chapter Leaders, you get the opportunity to receive training and build strong communication, campaigning, project management, people management & programming skills while at university. ou will be a part of a broader global community and will get an opportunity to interact with diverse CodeChef verticals and Chapter Leaders from different colleges across the country. We strive to ensure strong performance is recognized and rewarded. You will be eligible for rewards where appropriate, including but not limited to appreciation certificates, letter of recommendation, opportunity to connect with industry professionals, among many others.

Think you’re ready to grab the bull by its horns and take up the challenge to become a College Chapter Leader? We know you are. Head over here, and get started. 

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