CodeChef Celebrates Programmers – The Backbone of the Technological World

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Today is the 256th day of the year, and to those who are programmers, the number 256 is of high significance. 256 represents the total number of different values that you can store in 1 byte, i.e., from 0 to 255. Hence the 256th day is celebrated as Programmers’ Day world over. You should probably thank a programmer that you can read this blog. On this Programmers’ Day, let’s take some time to appreciate the efforts of programmers across the globe. There was a time when electricity was called the game-changer. Now that place has been taken over by programming as it forms the basis of the modern world.

The programming community tends to be the one where everyone learns from each other. There is also an atmosphere of healthy competition between the coders, bringing out the best from them. This is a significant reason as to why such communities proliferate and provide us with the best results.

Programmers are Everywhere!

A programmer might be an individual, but their work spreads out to different parts of the digital world. From surfing across the internet to watching your favourite video on YouTube, all this is nothing but an intricate wonder created by programmers. The most used search engine in the world, Google has about 2 billion lines of code. All of this has only been possible because of the efforts of developers at Google.  

The different communication channels you use for transmitting data are another marvel created by programmers. Every element you can see on any screen is nothing but an intricate play of millions of lines of code. And this complexity begins when a programmer starts typing code on their system. A programmer is like an artist whose art is cherished by everyone daily.

Programming – The Most Dynamic Work

If you think that programmers just sit in front of a computer system coding all day, you are highly mistaken. Programming is, by far, one of the most dynamic works that you can indulge yourself in. With the content of the Internet changing every second, programmers are always on their toes. They do the coding and also come up with easier solutions for a given problem. You might have heard about the Year 2000 Problem, also known as the Y2K Problem or The Millenium Bug. In simpler terms, it was a computing problem caused by events related to the formatting and storage of calendar data for dates beginning in the year 2000. Developers from America and the UK worked together and solved this issue by expanding the date to a four-digit number. Finding the optimum solution is considered one of the most challenging jobs, but programmers do it regularly.

The perfect example to showcase the dynamic behaviour of programming is to look at Wikipedia. Almost every internet user must have accessed Wikipedia at some point in their life. It is one of the most visited sites in the world, but how does it function? The data on the site keeps on changing daily, and new information is added. This is only possible because of the sophisticated code that had been designed during the inception of the website. The code allows the volunteers to edit the information in real-time, and you get to have the required content.

The ever-growing and dynamic world of coding has eventually given rise to a new mind sport known as Competitive Programming. People were initially sceptical about it, but it has become one of the most talked-about things in the coding community. The popularity is pretty evident when you look at the number of people competing on CodeChef.

Indian Programmers – The Dark Horses

Indian programmers have benefited a lot from the inception of competitive programming. Coding is a briefly discussed topic in Indian schools. Before platforms like CodeChef came into existence, hardly Indians were aware of this phenomenon.

Since 2009, Indians have been taking an active part in competitive programming and have named themselves on various global platforms. The experience that they get to have helped them grab offers from top-product based companies of the world. They go on to work in these organisations and come up with technologies that make our lives easier. With the likes of Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Sabeer Bhatia, among others, we have made significant progress in the world of programming and technology. From the most used browser like Google Chrome to mailing services like Hotmail, Indians have indeed come a long way.

The Next Major Step

With the rapid advancements in technology, the programming community goes on improving exponentially. They regularly work without taking a break and always come out with the best for you. With such a fast-paced development, we are bound to see some incredible things in the future. Certain aspects that were considered impossible at a time have now become probable. This has all been possible because of the efforts put by programmers and developers around the world.

This Programmers’ Day, CodeChef takes the opportunity to thank all the budding programmers on our platform. We are grateful to the women, school and college students and the working professionals who are a part of our community. It is because of your participation that CodeChef has made a name for itself in the global coding community.

What do you think about the unsung heroes programmers are? Let us know how views in the comment section below. Until then, this is Ashutosh signing off and wishing you a Happy Programmers’ Day. 

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