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tl;dr: CodeChef is launching live courses on Competitive Programming, taught by the most passionate competitive programmers, and helped by a great team of teaching assistants! It will be launched on Unacademy from 15th September.

A few weeks back, we started our new YouTube channel to provide you with video-based content. We have received an immensely positive response from the community, and it’s all evident on our channel. Ever since our custodianship shifted to Unacademy, a whole new paradigm was provided to us to explore. Making use of this opportunity, we have decided to come up with something that was only thought but never done before. A lot of effort has been put in this, and finally, after weeks of hard work by the entire team, we have decided to give something to the community as a celebration on this Engineer’s Day.

The Inception of the Idea

Audio-visual learning is an indispensable part of education. Unacademy has led the way in bringing it to the masses since the time it made its way into education through its online live classes. With great content and a team of top educators in the country, Unacademy became India’s largest learning platform. Affordable access to top-quality educators has been made possible to a wide range of learners from all over the country. 

What we want to do now is to extend this to computer science education in India and eventually across the globe. 

What are we doing exactly?

CodeChef, along with Unacademy, brings to all – Live classes by the best competitive programmers and teachers! Let’s break it down for you. 

This CodeChef – Unacademy project brings you educators who are not only celebrities in the world of competitive programming but are also incredibly passionate about teaching computer science. The teaching team has been hand-picked and includes ICPC world finalists, IOI medal winners, top-rated programmers, and some who work in your dream companies. Most importantly, they all care about teaching, and they’re all here to teach you on one platform – LIVE.

With this program, we aim to reach a much larger audience and introduce them to the fascinating world of coding. We believe that this could be a pivotal moment for the coding community in India. 

Structured Live Courses 

This team will teach you in a structured way what you always wanted and struggled to learn. We believe there is no shortage of resources (even videos) these days to learn computer science! However, learners’ most significant problem is identifying a starting point of learning and finding their path ahead. We hope to address and get rid of this roadblock with this project. 

In case you miss the live classes, you can always come back and watch them, as they are all recorded.

Courses in English and Hindi

In our experience of the last 11 years, we have realized that a large section of the learners finds it hard to consume information in the English language as the medium of instruction in many schools in India is not English. We also intend to launch courses in vernacular languages to address this. To start with, we are beginning with quite a few courses in Hindi. 

Practice Problems after a Live Class

Now let’s assume you attend your live class by your favorite educator and try out that nagging problem that has always been painful for you. Or you want to solve more problems on the given concept to feel confident in your learning.  Sync your Unacademy account with your CodeChef account and practice working on our handpicked problems for each course and topic!

Doubt support

What if you have doubts during the live classes? Here is the cherry on the cake – we have managed to onboard some equally smart competitive programmers to be your Teaching Assistants! Yes, these brilliant minds will be there looking after you while you attend your live classes. Ask a doubt, and they are there to ensure it gets resolved. 

Ask a doubt later, post the class, the Teaching Assistants are there too. In short, we got these Teaching Assistants only to ensure that your doubts are resolved entirely. Use the popular CodeChef Discuss platform to get your doubts cleared from these educators and Teaching Assistants! And the forum will have a dedicated group for learners! It doesn’t sound real, but it is. 

So yes, this was the dream project we have been working on secretively for the past few weeks. And we are so excited about presenting it to you. 

How does it work?

Register on Unacademy if you have not yet. As soon as you reach the program landing page on Unacademy, do not forget to add Competitive Programming to your Goals. 

Steps to add Competitive Programming to your Goals:

  1. Log-in on Unacademy and visit the manage goals page.
  2. Scroll down to the Competitive Programming goals towards the end.
  3. Click the plus (+) icon in the top right corner (image attached for your reference).

4. Sit back and relax to get notified with the updates.

Paid Subscription

This is a paid program that works on a Netflix type subscription model. You can opt for a 1-month subscription if you want to explore before committing to the long term. There’s also a 6-month and a year-long subscription. You can see them here. Once you subscribe, you get access to all the courses and content on the Competitive Programming category!

After subscribing, you can connect/sync your CodeChef account with your Unacademy account, to be able to practice course-related problems on CodeChef and ask your doubts on CodeChef 

Free Classes

There will be plenty of free special classes from all the educators taking courses in the subscription. Everyone will have access to these free special classes. You can check the schedule of free classes here.

We feel that it indeed is an excellent chance for all the budding programmers across the country with so much to offer. If you want to start your programming journey or want to take it a step further, this is the golden opportunity for you. Hit the subscribe button below and immerse yourself in the world of coding.

If you have any feedback for us regarding the program, we would love to hear from you. Fill in your suggestions here.

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