4-star Coder Tops CodeChef Sept Long Challenge Div 1|North Koreans Dominate Game

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The 10-day grind has just come to an end. The September Long Challenge 2020, with 4,06,069 submissions, was yet another exciting event to witness. We saw some cutthroat competition among programmers, fighting over 12 problems spread across both divisions. With challenging problems and close margins, the match kept us glued to the scoreboard. We are taking you through the entire competition’s highlights if you missed out on the action. 

Underdogs on top in Division 1 

Division 1, a challenging playing field mostly dominated by seasoned competitive programmers, saw two 4-star coders take away the top spots – a rare sight. Putting the top coders behind, North Korean coder, rns6 topped the charts with a score of 1000. The young student coder had finished 2nd in the August Lunchtime 2020 Division 2, but to beat the top dogs in Division 1 at the Long Challenge was a pleasant surprise for the community. The top position was closely followed by another purple coder, oilhun, also from North Korea. The Kim Il-sung University Pyongyang student’s last Long Challenge was in July 2019, where the coder finished at the 2nd spot in Division 2. The coder came back strong with formidable performance, this time in Division 1, giving us all an underdog moment that we all love watching at our competitions. 

Top coders follow close

The red and orange band coders may have been beaten by the lower band coders this time, but the former still managed to adorn the Div 1 scoreboard in the top 5. Finishing in the 3rd position, we have red-coder kut_hbi1998 – yet another North Korean in the top 3. Also known as BaekI Hwang, the CodeCheffer, despite his excellent performance, faced a rating drop of 62 points taking his score to 2894 currently. Following not too far behind is another 7-star coder, xuanyi. Finishing at the 4th position with a score of 983.98, the Chinese coder has freshly stepped into the red band league with a rating rise of 149. Another top coder, making their way into the top 5, is white2302. Participating from Russia, white2302 also faced a rating drop of 32 points despite a cracking performance, thanks to the law of average 

Homeboys make it to top 7 

In the 6th position, we have 5-star Indian coder jatinaggarwal1 finishing with a score of 981.253. With a rating rise of 159 points, the Indian Institute of Technology BHU Varanasi student is now a part of the yellow band with a score of 2128. Following him in the 7th position is run_timeterror, who is also from the same university as his rival, claiming the rank just above him. 

Promising performances in Division 2 

Russian coder, demidenko who claims to be Chuck Norris in his CodeChef bio, lived up to the claim with an excellent performance in September Long Challenge 2020 Division 2. Not only did the coder bag the top rank, but he also managed to jump bands from blue to purple with a rating rise of 165. Last month’s Long Challenge champion, wasa855 finished 2nd this time with a score of 975.801. The coder may have lost his top position, but has managed to graduate to the purple band with an increased rating of 203. The self-proclaimed “Jobless fellow” from India, chan_iitp finished 3rd in the September Long Challenge, managing to move bands from blue to purple with a rating rise of 168. His commendable performance at the contest should be enough to make him remove the “jobless” tag from his bio since the big recruiter are keeping an eye on the performances. 

Div 2 top 10 – An Indian affair 

While chan_iitp secured the 3rd rank, fellow coders from India took over the top 10. Or should we say the top 6? Interestingly, September Long Challenge 2020 saw a 9-way tie in the 6th spot, followed straight by the 15th position. At number 4, we have a German 3-star coder, veladus, followed by another Indian coder, umesh007, in the 5th position. Of the nine people claiming the 6th spot, we have 6 Indians including, niketagl,speeddeet, ashutosh321607, jethalal_e, aniketjiain0317, and aditi060303. 

Problems too problematic? 

A relatively lesser number of successful submissions, especially in Division 1, indicates that the problems weren’t easy to crack. CHEFSUMS seemed to be the toughest of the lot, with an accuracy rate of just 0.87 in Div 1. MOVCOIN2 and MVCN2TST were two more low scoring problems with the accuracy of 2.2 and 3.46, respectively, in Div 1. 

We got in touch with Simon St James, problem setter for MOVCOIN2, and MVCN2TST for his reactions on how the problems fared. 

“I didn’t expect the low AC rate. MOVCOIN2 was my favorite. There was a consensus that it was medium-hard. So I’m very, very surprised that MOVCOIN2 had the fewest ACs in the contest, “ said Simon. 

Despite the challenging contest, it was a treat to see the underdogs taking the lead in September Long Challenge 2020. Were you a part of this 10-day madness as well? If yes, we’d like to hear about your experience in the comments below. Till then, this is Debanjan from CodeChef signing off. 

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