CodeChef Sept CookOff 2020 | Uwi Tenpen Returns As The Champion

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Seven problems, three grueling hours, and cutthroat competition among the very best – that was September CookOff 2020 for you! Here we are, with yet another match report of digging deep into what went into making the contest as exciting as it was. 

Battles of the legends in Divisions 1 

Japanese coding legend, Uwi Tenpen is back on the number one spot in Division 1. With a rating rise of 91, the red-band coder now stands at a mammoth rating of 2854! The second position went to progmatic from Belarus, who, with September CookOff, managed to jump into the red band league with a rating rise of 124, taking his total to 2701. 6-star coder, errichto, who made a comeback on CodeChef after four years, finished on the third spot. The Polish coder, with a commendable performance at the contest, makes his way into the orange coders club with an increased rating of 150. Lithuanian coder, karolis_kusas, who was last seen in April Lunchtime, makes it to the fourth spot September CookOff followed by Japanese 7-star coder, natsugiri on the fifth position. Homeboy, enem, a.k.a, Nishchay Manwani, made it to the top ten, securing the ninth place. 

Indians nail Division 2 

Division 2 was definitely dominated by Indian coders, with six of them at the top ten. At the top of the ranklist sits purple band coder, ajinkya1p3 from Mumbai, India, who describes himself as an “A Novice Programmer” in his CodeChef profile. The Adobe Sytems professional has freshly walked into the purple band from blue with a rating rise of 170. Another contender to jump bands from blue to purple was Russian coder sevlll who finished in the second position. On the third spot is another Indian, kk3799 from Uttar Pradesh, India. The Indian Institute of Technology BHU Varanasi student also managed to graduate to the purple band with the contest. Four more Indians, oikawa_toru, ggmu_red_devil, totijain, and dragonado finished in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th position respectively. 

A tough playing field 

While the competition has been a spectacle to watch, it’s evident from the statistics that the problems haven’t been easy to solve.  Balancing Game from Division 1 saw the lowest accuracy rate of 8.2 followed by Joined Subarrays on Tree which had an accuracy of 11.3. The highest accuracy rate was seen on Maximise Subsequence Value with just 31.85. In Division 2, the highest accuracy was on Bowling Strategy with a mere 21.5. Joined Subarrays on Tree proved to be the toughest for Div 2 players with an accuracy of 5.13. With even the reigning CookOff champion making it to the top with a penalty of 05:32:43, it safe to say that September CookOff 2020 had been one of the toughest short contests on CodeChef in recent times. 

In case you want to check out a detailed discussion on all the contest problems, and their solutions, we have you more than covered. Check out the insightful session by Bulgarian coder radoslav192.

With the legendary uwi claiming the top spot in Division 1, Indian coders dominating Division 2, and some really hard problems to crack, September CookOff 2020 a treat to witness. Did you take part in the contest, or did you just loved watching the game? Let us know your views on the freshly concluded match in the comments below.  

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