CodeChef September LunchTime | Tourist On A Hat Trick!

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The 2020 September LunchTime concluded this weekend, and it’s time for a quick little recap, in case you are eager to read more such blogs, head on over  here. The competition started at 8 pm last Saturday instead of our traditional 7:30 pm IST. This LunchTime saw some truly phenomenal competition with the likes of Gennady-Korotkevich, Uwi-Tenpen, and Kevin Sun participating and putting up an amazing show. So without any further ado, let’s jump straight to the exciting details of September’s last programming contest.

The Drool-Worthy Problems. 

We can all agree that this LunchTime’s problems were everything and more. The solo problem setter for the contest was 6-star coder Anton Trygub. He definitely did a commendable job as we saw some extremely tough questions in the set. Adding on Segments turned out to be an impossibly hard problem as no one, not even star player Korotkevich, managed to solve it. The problem Few Different Elements also turned out to be a tricky solve. 6-star user ksun48 was the first one to crack this problem. Another elusive problem was Permutation Split. The first person to get a green tick on this was once again ksun48, and by the end of the competition, only 19 players had successfully solved this problem. On the other hand, the crowd favorite problem in Division One was Root the Tree, with over 550 successful submissions and a 28.45% accuracy rate. 

Division Two had it a little bit easier than its counterpart. Over here, the most popular problem was Watermelon. The players seemed to shower it with a lot of love, and at the end of the contest, the problem saw over 5300 successful submissions. We also need to give a special shout-out to the problem GCD Operators, which garnered 4500+ green tick submissions. Robot Detector was the second-toughest problem for Division Two. About 9500 players had a go at it, but less than 150 claimed bragging rights. Permutation Split was once more the problem that made players groan as only six players in this Division got that revered green tick. 

The Remarkable Ranklists 

With all the big names arriving ready for competition in Division One, it’s easy to believe that the ranklists saw a fair share of excitement. Canadian star ksun48 resided atop the list at the start with his two stunning solves. However, Gennady soon got into gear and claimed the top spot for himself. It remained so throughout the competition, and this turned out to be the second consecutive LunchTime win of this year for the star. Right behind Gennady was Mexican user tlatoani. tlatoani (aka Danny Mittal) gave a superb performance, using this competition to earn 140 points and advance to a 7-star player. 3rd place went to ksun48. Although ksun48 managed to gain 142 points in the contest, unfortunately, he couldn’t change stars. German user pwild was the one who bagged 4th place. An hour before the contest ended, pwild was hovering right outside of the top ten, and it was nicely surprising to see the user shoot all the way up to 4. pwild started the competition as a 6-star player but used the boost of 139 points to qualify as a red band coder. The 5th position went to our beloved uwi. Similar to pwild, uwi put up a mind-blowing performance to climb over eight spots in an hour to finish at the fifth place.

A special mention to the Indian players in the Division One ranklist – school student and 2020 IOI silver medalist mathecodician (aka Udit Sanghi) gave a pleasing display of skills to seal 8th position. Along with him, aryanagrawal, vsriram10, and rahul_g also managed to bag a place in the top 25, and this gets us wondering if these school students will end up taking over the ranklists soon.

The Division Two ranklists was just as chaotic and exciting as Division One. 1-star Japanese user maroonrk stunned everyone in his successful pursuit of first place. Although this was the user’s first CodeChef contest, the player has already advanced to a 3-star coder. Right behind maroonrk was another 1-star participant, yosupo. This LunchTime was yosupo’s first contest, and it is pleasing to see the participant has already moved on to become a 3-star player. 3rd place went to user dnialh. dnialh mirrored the players before him as he started out as a 1-star player in his first-ever CodeChef competition and ended it as a 3-star player.  At fourth position was 2-star player shiny_diamond. The user seems to have improved their skills since their last participation in the 2019 September Long Challenge, where they placed 3018 globally. In this contest, shiny_diamond accumulated over 330 points, which helped the player jump stars from 2 to 3. United States CodeChef user tqian captured 5th position. The user gave a steady performance and, at the end of the competition, gathered over 200 points, which helped him transition from a 3-star player to a 4-star one.

The Division Two ranklist was also peppered with the Indian tri-color as nearly half of the top 25 were Indian players. The one who sealed a spot in the top ten was ad_1608. The Indian user gave a pretty good performance to finish at the 8th position. Along with him, Indian players who made it into the top 15 were coder_arora_ak, pranav_sindura, and naveenls.  

Overall this LunchTime was certainly a fitting way to say goodbye to all the code-mania we witnessed this September. With cutthroat competition, emerging talent, and tough problems we will definitely miss this contest. Until next time, this is CodeChef correspondent Riddhi Acharya hoping for more such action-packed competitions in the coming future.  

PS. We request all users to update their profiles, as it helps us in ensuring you have a great time coding on CodeChef. Thanks!!

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