Top 5 Classic CodeChef Rivalries Of All Time

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Rivalries are an intrinsic part of all competitions from Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer in tennis, Tai Tzu Ying vs Carolina Marin in badminton, and Liverpool vs Manchester United in football. It is no different on CodeChef with so many skilled programmers under one roof, we have seen a massive amount of players battle it out for the top position. Today we have compiled a list of the top 5 CodeChef rivalries that we all definitely stan.

 gennedy.korotkevich and uwi

Both the 7-star users Gennedy {aka Tourist} and Uwi Tenpen have been CodeChef users since 2010, so it is but obvious that they face each other often in competition. If you see their competitive history it is very clear that they are always on each other’s back. The most recent contest that witnessed both of them in action together was the September LunchTime 2020. The contest saw both put up stunning displays of skill, and it was Gennady who emerged victorious as he clinched the first position. Uwi certainly gave a good fight as he secured the fifth position for himself. Earlier this year in the May Cook-Off 2020 Gennady secured the first position while Uwi settled for third. The story was somewhat similar in the March Cook-Off 2020 where Gennady rushed ahead to the number one position, and Uwi was left behind at four. Even the June LunchTime 2019 ended with Gennady clinching the first spot and Uwi claiming third right behind him. Uwi has given us some stellar performances over the years and we all wait patiently for him to turn the tables on Gennedy. Both of these players have always managed to dazzle us with their skills and we can only hope that they give us more such exciting moments of competition in the upcoming contests. 

kut_hbi 1998 and ACRush

We doubt there is a single soul on CodeChef who doesn’t know who kut_hbi1998 and ACRush are. Although ACRush, founder and CTO of the autonomous vehicle technology company PonyAI has been on CodeChef longer, kut_hbi1998 has certainly made up for the lost time, climbing the rank list rapidly. The two 7-star players clashed in the March Long Challenge 2019, where ACRush secured the first position, and kut_hbi1998 was placed second. Both players seem to have a special liking for Long Challenges as before this they faced off in the January Long Challenge. ACRush was the star once more bagging gold, while kut_hbi1998 was left to nurse his wounds on the number five spot. Before that, it was the November Long Challenge 2018 where ACRush beat kut_hbi1998 by one spot as he clinched first place. This is definitely just the beginning of an amazing rivalry, and we are excited to see what these players bring to the table next.

rns4 and skyfire

This rivalry seems to have simmered down over the past few years. The last time both these 7-star players clashed was the August Long Challenge 2016 where rns4 was fifth and skyfire was just one step ahead of him at number four. Another time these players kept us at the edge of our seats was in the July Long Challenge 2016 where skyfire beat rns4 by one place as he claimed the number two position. The July Long Challenge 2015 was rns4’s moment to shine as he bagged number one place leaving skyfire behind at number seven. Looking back at these contests has got us missing seeing both these players in action together and we hope that we see more of them in the near future. 

rns4 and ceilks

Yep, skyfire is not the only player rns4 has actively clashed against. But unlike rns4 and skyfire this is a more recent rivalry. Their most recent face-off clash was in the December Long Challenge 2017. rns4 emerged victorious in this face-off as he claimed second place, and ceilks followed not far behind on the number four spot. The March Long Challenge panned out similarly with rns4 topping the chart and ceilks securing the second position. In another one of their epic battles in the July Long Challenge 2016, it was ceilks who emerged victorious claiming number one position on the rank list, while rns4 trailed behind at the number three spot. 

gennedy.korotkevich and alex 2oo8

This has been one of the longest rivalries we have ever seen. Their first meet was way back in 2013 at the February Cook-Off. Gennady won this round as he secured the fourth position, but Alex wasn’t very far behind at sixth place. It was the July Cook-Off 2015, when they clashed again. Gennady bagged the first place, and Alex secured the fifth position. Their most recent moment of competition was in the August Cook-Off 2017, where Gennady topped the charts and Alex was left behind at the 8th place. Although Gennady has won most of their clashes, Alex has always given him a hard time, and we hope that the players continue with these amazing performances.

The monthly challenges are always a great place for the competition to grow and over the years, we have seen many rivalries that have given us nail-biting performances. We can only wish that we keep getting such amazing displays of skill from all the top coders. 

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