Debunking Popular Myths On Coding.

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We can all agree that the portrayal of coders across main-screen cinema and television shows is pretty stereotypical. From someone with no fashion sense to a loner without social skills, we’ve seen it all. So today, we have decided to debunk the popular myths of being a coder and show people the B.T.S of being a programmer. 

Maths And Coding Are Entwined

With the number and symbols filled screens of a coder in a movie, it is understandable how this image came to be. However, the ideology that you need to be a genius mathematician to be good at coding is as inaccurate as can be. The one skill where maths and coding are even remotely related is problem-solving but then again, even games like chess and sudoku sharpen that particular skill. While keeping this in mind, it is important to note that certain fields of programming like AI and designing games require a good knowledge of maths, but this is very field-specific math and not something you learn in school. Overall it is entirely possible for you to be a great coder despite being average at maths. 

Coding Is A Field That Requires A Genius IQ. 

In a standard IQ test, most people fall somewhere between 85 and 120. Anything above a 140 is considered high, and the people scoring 160 up are labeled geniuses. In the field of programming, it is a rather wide-spread notion that having a “genius” IQ is a must for being able to master coding. Although we can’t see how having such a high IQ would hurt your chances of being a good coder, anything below that wouldn’t prove particularly harmful to you as a programmer either. Becoming a good coder depends solely on your dedication, enthusiasm, and passion for learning something new every day and striving for better. The key to success in this field lies in the patience necessary to solve roadblocks and attack problems creatively.

Some Languages Are Better Than Others. 

This is again a fairly popular misconception, especially with someone who is rather new to coding. A lot of experts in the field feel that there is no definite way to prove that x programming language is better than y. The one true thing is the fact that certain languages are better suited to a task than another. Naturally, there are several ways you could draw comparisons between languages based on things like how efficient a language is, the readability of it, the runtime, consistency, and so on. However, none of this would give you a definite answer as to whether a language beats its counterpart. Moreover languages keep changing and the only thing that remains stable is Data Structures and Algorithms. Being the very core of computer science DSA plays a pivotal role in everything code related. You can check out CodeChef’s DSA Certification program to learn how to level up your DSA skills.  

Age Plays A Huge Factor In Coding 

This myth goes both ways; some people think that they are starting too late, and some parents feel that it is way too early for their kids to learn how to code. A lot of scientific studies in the past have proven that a person’s learning capacities are at a peak between the ages of five to twenty. This pretty much proves that you are almost never too young to start coding. However, there is no need to despair even if you haven’t learned how to code within those fifteen years. If you were to go on Google and look for accomplished programmers who had a late start in life, the list wouldn’t be short in any manner whatsoever. The most essential factor to acing programming doesn’t lie within how old you are, it lies within your passion to code. 

Speed Equals Skills

If you watch someone solve a complicated problem within hours, it would definitely be pretty cool, but this is not the only measure of being a good coder. Programming tends to be fairly complex a lot of times, and it would be rather unfair to judge a person’s ability on their speed. A tough problem might have even the best of the best in confusion for ages, but that isn’t a testimony to their skills. It is the capacity for patience about going over the same problem a dozen times before getting the right answer that defines a coder’s worth. The only place this fact would differ is when you talk about Competitive Programming, where there are certain time restrictions which a person has to match.  

Well folks, that is it for now. We hope this blog helped dispel any misconceptions you had about programming. Let us know what popular myths about coding you used to believe in the comments section below. 

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