The Key To The Perfect Coding Resume

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Everyday competition in the coding world is getting steeper. And as someone new in the field we get that everything can feel rather intimidating in the beginning. So today we have listed out some absolute must-haves for your resume to help you start your job hunting journey smoothly. Enjoy! 

Data Structures and Algorithms Skills.

Data Structures and Algorithms are the very building blocks of computer science, and a reliable constant in the ever evolving world of technology. In an interview the DSA skills of a candidate helps the interviewer judge the problem solving abilities of said candidate. Along with this DSA also plays a pivotal role in machine learning. This is the reason that an employer looks to hire people with a working knowledge of DSA and why Data Structures and Algorithms skills is definitely something that should be listed out in your resume. As more and more people grow aware of the importance of DSA they also realize that they currently do not have adequate opportunities to become competent in DSA. This is where CodeChef’s DSA Certification steps in as it gives applicants a standard against which they can test themselves and stand out to employers. You can learn more about this examination here.  


Not only does an internship prove to be a nice little addition on your resume it is also one of the most efficient ways to level up your skills. As an intern you are introduced to real world work situations and have a chance at learning how to handle them with lesser pressure. A good internship will also provide you with various opportunities to connect with people and build your professional network. For an interviewer seeing internships listed out on your CV paints you in the light of an experienced person and an asset to their team. 

 A GitHub Profile 

It is absolutely necessary that you maintain and update your GitHub profile regularly as it is often the first thing a technical interviewer looks at. While you may put your previous jobs on your CV, it doesn’t necessarily show the interviewer what work you did or the quality of your codes. However, when you have a GitHub profile it helps your hirer check out your background and learn what kind of work you do. A GitHub profile will also prove very helpful if you are someone relatively new in the coding world and lack a lot of experience. An updated profile will also prove your passion for coding (which is something employers actively look for) and help the hirer decide how well you will fit into their workflow. 

Consistent Competitive Programming Ranks. 

Although it’s not always a shortcut to being placed at a good company, competitive programming certainly helps further your chances. A lot of companies these days filter people in the first rounds via algorithmic coding competitions. This is exactly the kind of thing competitive programming prepares you for as it requires you to think smart, fast and tackle problems systematically. Additionally CP accolades, ranks, achievements are a great way to fill up your resume in the beginning. Companies also value people with great CP ratings and colour bands on popular sites, and often shortlist them over others. And who knows if your interviewer is an active participant in competitive programming you guys might just hit it off at the very start. ;D 

So these were the points we feel are absolute must-haves on your coding resume. Let us know if you found these tips helpful and if there is anything you would add to this list. Toodles. 

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