August 2019 and 2020, stunning performances both the years.

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The monthly contests are always an action-packed deal. Today we have taken the liberty of compiling all the exciting parts of the August challenges of 2019 and 2020. With tough problems and tougher competition, read on to relive that electric vibe.  

The Lively Long Challenges.

The August Long Challenge 2019 began on the second and lasted till the twelfth. Both the Divisions were assigned eight problems, and the competition was cutthroat. The problem that received the most submissions in Division One was Guddu and His Mother with a grand total of 5,300 submissions. However, the problem that stole the spot for most successful submissions was Dilemma, which received a total of 1160 successful submissions. The problem that had the Division One players confused and racking their brain was (Challenge) Bacteria Synthesis. It got 900 submissions, but only 20 out of these were accepted. Meanwhile, the crowd favorite problem in Division Two was Football, which received a stunning 19,250 successful submissions. At the same time, Distribute Apples was the problem with the most attempts with 83,500 submissions. (Challenge) Bacteria Synthesis was once again public enemy number one as it managed to accumulate only 375 submissions out of which merely 9 hit the bullseye. 

The August Long Challenge 2020 was every bit as fast-paced and thrilling as the 2019 version. The participants once again had eight problems to wade through. Division One was hard at work, and the problem with the most submissions was Chef and Wedding Arrangements at 8600. The easy-peasy problem for all the players in Division One was Smallest KMP, as a total of 1146 players managed to crack it. The opposite of Smallest KMP was ANTS (Challenge), as this problem got a meager 1025 submissions, from which only 32 proved to be accurate. Division Two had equal amounts of activity going on. Over here, Smallest KMP got the most submissions at 124150, whereas Chef Wars – Return of the Jedi got the most successful submissions at 28768. On the opposite end of the spectrum, even here, ANTS (Challenge) had all the players puzzled as only 4 out of the 450 players that attempted to solve it were successful. 

The Classy Cook-Offs 

The August Cook-Off 2019 was something straight out of a movie. Both the Divisions had five problems each. Division One gave an impressive performance, and the problem with the most submissions was Two Circles. Meanwhile, Rich Substrings got the most successful submissions with 197 players solving the problem. The problem that must have had all these star-coders frustrated was Friends and Candies. Out of the fifty players that sent submissions for this problem, only three claimed bragging rights. Division Two also gave us quite a show. The problem with the most submissions and successful submissions was Chef Drinks Coke at 9825 submissions, out of which 2262 got the green tick. One problem where we seriously need to praise the problem setters was Warrior. Over 5000 players sent in submissions for this problem, but only 2 emerged victorious. 

We were all in awe of the August Cook-Off 2020. The players had five exceptionally tough problems to work through, and they did not disappoint. The problem that acted as a bandwagon in Division One was Polygon Relationship as it got 800+ submissions from which 681 we’re accepted. This contest was one of the rare ones where we got to see a problem with zero accurate submissions. Out of the 50 players that attempted to solve Safety in Treeland, all returned home empty-handed. Division Two was just as hard, as even here, we had an unsolvable problem. 250 players tried their hand at Beautiful Subsequence, but unfortunately, none got the revered green tick. On the bright side, Chef and Work got over 16000 submissions, and 6771 out of these hit bullseye. 

The Laudable LunchTimes. 

The August LunchTime 2019 was an absolute knock-out. Both the Divisions were assigned five problems each. For Division One, the problem that acted as crowd favorite was Destroy Cells with 163 successful submissions. Meanwhile, the problem with most submissions was Equal Average, with 725 players sending in answers. The toughest problem was Beauty of Segments, as only 8 out of the 75 players who sent solutions claimed the green tick. Division Two’s favorite problem turned out to be Eidi Gift. This problem got 12075 submissions, out of which 3018 got the green tick. The problem that turned out to be the player’s worst nightmare was Equal Average, as only five players managed to crack the code.

August LunchTime 2020 had us hooked to our screens throughout the three hours. This time competition was a bit steeper, as the players were given six problems. In Division One, Alien Invasion stole the spot for most submissions at 3375, and Game on a Strip got the most successful submissions at 773. However, there was no lack of challenging problems, as Chefina and Swaps managed to acquire merely two right answers. Over in Division Two Game on a Strip got the most submissions as 25600 players attempted to solve it. The spot for the most solved problem went to Mode of Frequencies, as it received 6540 accurate submissions. Similar to Division One, even here, the toughest problem – Elevator managed to get only two correct answers, proving that the August LunchTime 2020 was full of tough problems. 

Players Who Put Up Stunning Performances Both The Years.

  • white2302 – this player was the definition of consistency, securing the 3rd position in both the Long Challenges. Even back in 2019, he was a 7-star coder, and we hope to see more such performances from him. 
  • wrong_answer_1 – in 2019 this player secured the fourth position in the August Long Challenge, and in 2020 the player claimed the sixth spot. Although wrong_answer_1 slid down the rank list a couple of spots, the player’s personal ratings have only improved. 
  • uwi – we have to admit that uwi is one of the most consistent players we have ever seen. In the 2019 August Cook-Off, he claimed gold, while he continued the form to secure the third position in this Cook-Off. 

This rewind certainly helped all of us reminisce about the old times, and we hope this blog helped you refresh your memory as well. 

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