October LunchTime 2020 | Tourist Keeps His Streak Alive.

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This last contest of October was certainly a fitting way to say goodbye to the month. With some stunning competition from the red coders and equally challenging problems, this was how all the action went down. 

The Pleasant Problems 

For this contest, both the divisions were assigned 5 problems each. The participants were quick to act and we had our first submission within two minutes as Gennady solved the problem Chef Likes Good Sequences. At the end of the competition, this problem turned out to be the crowd-favorite for Division One as more than 440 players solved it. Another popular problem in Division One was Cute Chef Gift. Gennady was once more the first person to solve the problem and by the end of the contest, this problem had garnered a total of 355 successful submissions. On the other hand of the spectrum, Division One saw its fair share of difficult problems. Counting Spaghetti seemed to have all the players in for a loop as only 44 out of 1050 who sent in submissions walked home with the green-tick. Another problem that turned out to be an absolute nightmare for the players was Chef and Edge Flipping. Only two players were able to solve the problem despite a ton of 7-star coders attempting it. As a treat for you, Bulgarian coder Radoslav Dimitrov will be explaining this problem in an in-depth tutorial. You can tune in to watch it here, tonight at 9.

We got in touch with solo problem setter for this contest Mohammed Ehab to ask him whether the performance on his problems was expected. 

“Mostly yeah, although I’m surprised with and kinda proud of EFLIP. So many (literally) legendary participants yet only 2 solved it. I was expecting more full scores.” 

Mohammed’s problem certainly gave all the top players a run for their money, and we hope we get to see more such participant vs problem setter action in the future.  

Meanwhile, Division Two had its own party raging. The problem that acted as the band-wagon here was AND Plus OR. Around 11250 players sent in answers for the said problem and over 5250 walked home with the green-tick. Problem “Chef Likes Good Sequences” was also showered with its fair share of love as it saw around 550 successful submissions. Talking tough problems for this division we had Chef Is Just Throwing Random Words. By the end of the contest, only 246 players had cracked the code for this problem. Another challenging problem for this division was Cute Chef Gift which was solved successfully by only 97 players. 

Some Seriously Competitive Rank Lists 

This time’s rank list for Division One was an absolute riot. The top six spots were all hogged by 7-star players with Gennady leading the pack. Right on his tail, we had participant  ksun48 who secured a score of 500 to seal his second spot finish.  Next, we had Russian user um_nik, who despite his fine performance ended up losing 8 points in the contest. He was followed by Japanese coder nuip, and right behind nuip we had German user Egork. 6th spot was taken up by player natsugiri. Bangladeshi coder nirjhor bagged seventh place using the contest to jump stars from 6 to 7. 8th place went to user marckess, who gained 109 points during the contest  and has successfully switched stars from 6 to 7. The 9th position went to another Bangladeshi player. Coder anachor gained 124 points during the contest but unfortunately fell short of qualifying for the 7-stars. Indian user taran_1407 gave a stunning performance to clinch the 10th spot, gaining 125 points in the process.  

In Division Two, Russian user fixthegame bagged the first position. The player gave an amazing performance, which helped them jump stars from 3 to 4. The second place was secured by Belarusian coder gr0undzer0. gr0undzer0 was able to make full use of the contest as the coder gained 190 points and jumped stars from 3 to 4. Third place went to insert_cool_ha from Russia, who mirrored the feats of the people before him and used this contest to switch stars from 3 to 4. Indian user mars4 clinched 4th place and changed stars from 1 to 3 in doing so. Right behind mars4 we had player the0dd1out. The Bangladeshi user started the contest as a 1-star coder and ended it as a 3-star one. 6th place went to user valeragrinenko, who was able to utilize the contest to jump stars from 3 to 4. Indian user sixpathsguy secured 7th place and gained 201 points in the contest which enabled him to jump stars from 2 to 3. Player purple_forever secured 8th place and was able to jump stars at the end of the contest from 3 to 4. 9th place was bagged by Indian user kisaaan, who successfully managed to jump stars from 2 to 3 tanks to this contest. On the 10th spot, we had Indian coder fake_name_ who started this contest as a 3-star user and ended it as a 4-star one. 

Well, folks, that was all the drama that went on in this LunchTime, We hope you enjoyed the blog. Until next time this is CodeChef correspondent Riddhi Acharya hoping that we get to see an equally exciting November. 

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