The October Contests 2019 vs 2020, A Thrilling Ride Both The Times.

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The CodeChef monthly contests are always home to some truly stunning competition. So today we have taken the liberty of combining and comparing all the exciting stats from the October Contests 2019 and 2020, so read and enjoy. 

The Long Challenges 

The October Long Challenge 2019 began on the 4th and lasted 10 extraordinarily fun days. Last year the Division One participants were assigned 7 problems. The problem that was the most popular was Chef and Maximum Star Value with over 1170 successful submissions. However, the problem with the most attempts was Even Edges, as more than 5670 players sent in answers for this one. The toughest problem for this division was Faulty System as only 24 players managed to solve this one by the end of the 10 days. Meanwhile, Division Two had to wade through 8 problems. The one that proved to be crowd-favorite was Phone Prices as it saw more than 12,870 successful submissions. Operations on a Matrix was another popular problem with 6770 successful submissions. The problem in this Division that had everyone scratching their head was Bacterial Reproduction as only 59 participants cracked this code. 

The October Long Challenge 2020 was just as enthralling as the one before it. This time the competition was a little higher for Division One as they faced 9 tough problems. Positive AND was a problem that was showered with a lot of love as it saw over 2525 submissions out of which 1046 were accepted. Replace for X was also a problem favored by the players as it saw nearly 1000 successful submissions. The problem that turned out to be public enemy number 1 was Village Road Network, as only 29 people were able to solve it over the 10 days. Even Division Two had 9 problems to solve, and they did not disappoint. The problem Covid Run was the most popular in this Division as it got over 19250 submissions with a green tick. Chef and Easy Queries also saw a lot of activity as it got around 96000 answers sent in. Mirroring Division One the toughest problem here was Village Road Network as it saw only 2 successful submissions.

The Cook-Offs

The 2019 October Cook-Off was a Mega Cook-Off as it was meant to help the students gear up for the ICPC 2019-20. Division One was assigned 5 problems and they got straight to the task.  

The one problem that was showered with a lot of attention was D-Or, as it received nearly 350 successful submissions. However, the contest seemed to be full of tough problems as we witnessed 2 problems whose right answers weren’t able to make a double-digit number. Problem Moonwalk and D-Function received 7 and 3 successful respectively. Meanwhile Division Two had their own party going with 5 problems to solve in the given 2 and a half hours. Problem Medel was the crowd favorite here as it got over 3550 right answers. The problem Cakewalk didn’t turn out to be cakewalk after all as only 2338 people out of the 8275 who sent in submissions got that green tick. Moonwalk was the players’ worst nightmare even here as only 5 players cracked the code. 

Although it wasn’t a Mega Cook-Off, this October Cook-Off was also pretty lit. Division One had some stiff competition as it had to face 6 problems. The problem showered with the most amount of love and attention from the players was Path-etic Sums. Path-etic Sums got around 625 submissions out of which 436 hit the bullseye. We had the rare occurrence of an unsolved problem here as no one was able to figure out the right answer for ppeerrffeecctt ssqquuaarreess. For Division Two the problems that received the most affection from the participants were Split the Str Ing and Decreasing Srmmieeda. Both these problems saw 4278 and 3465 successful submissions each. This division barely escaped the curse of an unsolved problem as only one user was able to get the green-tick for An Inveractive Problem

The LunchTimes 

The 2019 October Lunchtime was a contest that saw some great competition. Division was given 5 problems to play with and they got right to the task. Problem Box Game was the most popular one here as it got over 325 successful submissions. On the other end of the spectrum Double Distance Query had all the participants confused and frustrated as only 4 players were able to solve it. Unfortunately, this division had an unsolved problem called Random Number Generator. Only 20 players were brave enough to try the problem and alas none emerged victorious. Even Division Two had 5 problems to solve and they got right to the task. The problem that was adored by almost every player was Khaled in HIT as it saw nearly 2200 right answers. On the flipside, even here we had a problem go unsolved. Over 250 participants tried their hand at Double Distance Query but none were able to claim the revered green tick.

The October LunchTime 2020, was every bit as exciting as it’s counterpart. The contest had only one problem-setter, and he didn’t disappoint. The most popular problem for Division One was Chef Likes Good Sequences as by the end of the contest it had garnered over 444 successful submissions. Another problem that was showered with a lot of love was Cute Chef Gift, as it received a total of 355 correct answers. On the other side, Counting Spaghetti turned out to be a pretty difficult problem and only 44 players were able to solve it. Even more elusive was the problem Chef and Edge Flipping as only 2 players cracked this code. For Division Two, the most loved problem was AND Plus OR as it saw a total of 5259 successful submissions. Problem Chef Likes Good Sequences was popular even in this division, as it got nearly 550 correct solutions. The toughest problem for this division was Cute Chef Gift as by the end of the contest only 97 players solved it. 

Well folks, that’s it for now. We hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. Let us know what was your favorite moment from any and all of these contests in the comments section below. 

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