Conversations With CodeChef | Rakshit Daga On How To Make It Big In The E-Commerce Sector

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A word of advice is rather essential for one’s progress in any field. Getting it from the very best in the business is something that takes you a long way. Keeping this thought in mind, CodeChef has come up with a series of Ask Me Anything (AMA) live sessions called Conversations with CodeChef. Here we talk with the leading figures in the corporate world and the people who have made significant progress in their programming careers, aiming to provide the viewers with all the insights about how they made it big in their fields. 

BigBasket has made a name for itself as India’s largest online grocer, especially during the current lockdown phase that we are going through. A big organization needs a great technology leader to evolve constantly, and they certainly have it in the form of Mr. Rakshit Daga, Vice President and CTO at BigBasket. 

Rakshit was born in the small town of Bhavnagar in Gujarat, India. He did his schooling at Fatima Convent High School and went on to pursue mechanical engineering from MSU Baroda. He then went to the University of Minnesota for his master’s in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. His knack for technology allowed him to be a part of several great teams at companies like SAP, where he finished his tenure as the Director of Technology. He has also been the founder and CEO of QURATER, a company that built SAAS enterprise software products before he went on to become the VP and CTO at BigBasket. 

We recently had an AMA session with him hosted by Anup Kalbalia, the Business Unit Head at CodeChef. Mr. Daga talked about his journey from being a mechanical engineer to leading the tech teams at some of the biggest companies. They also discussed the latest developments in technology and how people can develop their ideas and build the next big e-commerce and tech enterprise. There was also a section where Mr. Daga answered questions from aspiring programmers live at the AMA session. 

If you want to start your organization and look for ideas and inspiration, this session will undoubtedly be the one for you. Check out the recorded session if you couldn’t watch it live.

We have a series of videos on AMAs that you can watch on our YouTube channel so check those out as well. Our previous sessions have been with Swiggy, CTO, Dale Vaz, and Nishita Agarwal, Engineering Manager at Facebook – just as informative, and insightful as our session with Rakshit Daga has been. 

I hope that these sessions would help you come with your ideas and make you strive a bit harder. This is Ashutosh signing off. Till then, keep coding!  

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