Welcoming This Year’s College Chapters!

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We at CodeChef recently had the most amazing time welcoming the 278 new College Chapters and 1112  Chapter Leaders to the family and getting them acquainted with all we do. Before we dive into all the exciting details of the event, a short explanation for those, who aren’t aware of what a CodeChef College Chapter is. 

CodeChef has always been about improving the state of programming across India, and to do this, we realized we need colleges across the country to have an exuberant and thriving coding culture. In line with this, we started the CodeChef College Chapters initiative in 2009, which are coding clubs set up across colleges. The clubs bring all the programming enthusiasts of a college under one roof and help them grow together. Additionally, College Chapters also host various workshops, meetups, and competitions around coding to help students of their college learn better. 

The College Chapters annual hiring cycle was opened on 4th September, 2020, and invitations were sent to college students via social media. We received an enormous response from students across the country and thus begun our arduous task of shortlisting, interviewing, and closing 278 colleges. Finally, we had the pleasure of welcoming all of our College Chapters for our academic cycle until April 2021. It was a two-day induction, held on 1st and 8th November, 2020 with over 850+ students actively participating, and we had an amazingly fun time interacting with everyone. We even have over 250 faculty members as a part of the initiative to advise and encourage students participating.  

On the first day of the induction ceremony, we onboarded all the students present and talked to them about CodeChef and how we work. It was a pleasant experience talking to the bright minds that will be leading all these Chapters. The second day of our induction was more role-specific, and we spoke to the students about the responsibilities they would be taking up being Chapter Leaders. It was an intense affair, and we all have full faith in our Chapter Leaders and their ability to lead their colleges to a coding haven. 

It was undoubtedly a fun-filled two-days, and as of now, the CodeChef College Chapter family consists of 278 Chapters. Out of these, 276 are in Indian colleges, and we even have 2 Chapters based in international institutes! Leading all these Chapters, we have a strong and determined team of 1112 Chapter Leaders. This academic cycle for the College Chapters will be chock full of great programming workshops, contests, hackathons, and a lot more code-action. 

Talking to us about their feeling on having their own little coding club, Chapter AlphaSquad, at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Dharwad Hubli, Karnataka, India said,

“It is nice to bring some club and community culture to the culture finally. We are both excited as hell and afraid as we can make it or not as it is first of the kind to our college. I hope we bring a change to our college with the help of CodeChef”. 

We are all looking forward to having a lively time with our Chapters. If you want your college to have this kind of coding culture, keep a lookout for when we start hiring Chapters and Chapter Leaders again! Fill this form to ensure you don’t miss out on any updates.

Until next time, here’s raising our (metaphorical) glasses to having a year full of some vibrant coding! 

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