The November Cook-Off 2020 | Kevin Sun Clinches Gold

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This weekend was an exciting affair for everyone involved in the November Cook-Off. We had some fantastic problems and saw the winning streak of Tourist finally break, but that’s what Cook-Off is all about – always a thrilling contest. So, let’s get straight to the details of the contest! 

The Problem Set

Division One was assigned a stunning seven problems to solve in the two and a half hours, and spoiler alert, no one solved all of them. The easiest problem for this Division had to be Chef and IPC Certificates as not only did it get 630 successful submissions, it also had an 88.38% accuracy rate. Another popular problem was Flip the String. This problem saw a lot of love as it received 612 correct submissions. Moving on to the tough problems of this Division we had Set Queries, Communication Channel, and Xor Counting. Problem Set Queries was quite the heart breaker as just 21 players were able to solve it. Slightly worse was Communication Channel as merely 12 players were able to crack this code. The worst problem of this lot was Xor Counting as only players Kevin Sun and Gennady Korotkevich took the green tick. 

Division Two had it slightly easier than their counterpart with only five problems to solve. The two most popular problems here were similar to Division One with Chef and IPC Certificates and Flip the String garnering a lot of attention. Chef and IPC Certificates took the lead in successful submissions as by the end of the contest it had garnered over 5422 correct submissions. Flip the String also saw its fair share of action as it received about 2809 successful submissions. On the other end of the spectrum, Division Two had to battle their own share of challenging problems. Graph Construction had everyone scratching their heads as merely 20 coders got the right answer for it. Even more frustrating for the participants must have been the problem Set Queries as only two coders managed to solve this problem. If you couldn’t solve a couple of the problems(such as Xor Counting, which only two coders could solve), head on over here to catch the video editorials

The Amazing Ranklists! 

We all got to see some rather unexpected twists and turns in the ranklist for this contest. For Division One red band coder Kevin Sun clinched gold in an amazing display of skill. Right behind him, we had participants Gennady Korotkevich and Ryotaro Sato claim position numbers 2 and 3 respectively. On the fourth spot, we have player vladprog, who used this contest to jump stars from 6 to 7. Next, we had Japanese user nuip, who gave a solid performance to claim the fifth spot as his. The seventh position was taken up by Indian user enem. enem, aka Nishchay Manwani gained 57 points in the contest and is currently enjoying an all-time personal high score of 2600. Nishchay was followed by fellow Indian coder l_returns. Although l_returns gave a great display of skills, he fell short of being able to change stars from 6 to 7. On the eighth place, we had Ukrainian user wrinx. wrinx was followed by bench0310, who gained 147 points during the contest and now qualifies as a 6-star user. Last but not least, we had coder azukun claiming the tenth position. 

The Division Two ranklist was pretty exciting as well. The first three spots were clinched by participants neal, pseuda, and tadija_sebez. All three coders gave us some serious display of skill, and they have all managed to jump stars from 3 to 4. Next, we had Indian coder noob3620, aka, Abhishek Garg who accumulated 195 points during the contest and now qualifies as a 4-star user. On the fifth position, we had coder hopelesss who managed to make this contest count gaining 217 points in this contest and became a 4-star user. In the sixth and seventh place, we had Indian users kk3799 and daksh5097, both of whom started this contest as 3-star players and ended it as 4-star ones. On the number eight spot, we had Canadian user apass_jack, who accumulated 190 points in the contest and now qualifies as a 3-star CodeChef coder. Next, we had another Indian user, baked_bullshit. Mirroring his compatriots, baked_bullshit was able to make this contest count by jumping stars from 3 to 4. On the tenth spot, we had player linkus. linkus gave an amazing performance in the contest and now qualifies as a 3-star user. 

Well, folks, that was it from our end. We hope you enjoyed the contest. Until next time, this is CodeChef correspondent Riddhi Acharya hoping for an equally happening LunchTime

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