Conversations With CodeChef | How Rippling’s CTO Made It Big From Scratch

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Do you want to start your own company but looking for some guidance? This time in Conversations with CodeChef, we bring to you the perfect motivation that you need. CodeChef had a Live video AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with the co-founder and CTO of Rippling, Prasanna Sankar, and if you are into programming, then it’s a must-watch for you!

Rippling has made a name for itself as one of the leading human resource management companies and was recently valued at $1.35 Billion.

Prasanna Sankar went to the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, for his bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering. His knack for competitive programming allowed him to be the top-ranked coder on various occasions, including being the rank 1 in TopCoder during his college days. He has also been a two-time world finalist at the coveted ICPC. An exceptional programmer, Sankar also co-founded Likealittle, a campus social network that grew from 0 to 20M page views in 6 weeks. He has been associated with some of the top product-based companies like Google, Microsoft, and Zenefits. 

Mudit Srivastava from CodeChef hosted the AMA session with Sankar. Sankar talked about his journey from being a competitive programmer to co-founding a company. They also discussed how one could start from scratch in a business and the importance of CP. Many college students and professionals attended the session through YouTube and Facebook. There was also a section where Sankar answered questions from aspiring programmers live at the AMA session.

Here’s a little snippet from the talk;

Mudit How’s the journey been? What are your success mantras or tips about dreaming big or something like that?

Sankar – There is this old maxim which is “Be careful what you wish for in your twenties for it shall be granted in your thirties.” It is true. I mean, I didn’t believe that I asked for, you know, a million dollars and freedom of life in my 20s. I didn’t want to work for a big company. Hence, all I wanted was enough money that I don’t have to work for the rest of my life. Back then, I thought it was a million dollars, and with that sort of intent, I came to the valley to single-handedly strive at that. Today, I’m worth like a couple of hundred million dollars, so it kind of rained gold. I think if there’s one thing I want to convey to this group here is this thing called Y Combinator Start-up School. So the first week that I came to the valley, I was sitting on this podium spectator seat just like you guys are right now. There were Mark Zuckerberg and all these sorts of tech entrepreneurs up on the stage and talking, and they all said a very similar story, and if it could happen to them, then it could happen to me. I’m sort of no different than any of them, and you know, striving for that for like a decade or so. Especially 20s is a precious time where you have no family, no obligations, nothing. You can play, and the biggest thing I would say is whatever you ask for, just make sure you ask for one thing consistently and ask for something big because you often tend to get it.

Sankar’s Rippling has made a name for itself in the corporate world, with its valuation being in billions of dollars. If you wish to work for such a big company, then what could be better than getting inspired by the co-founder himself. Check out the recorded session if you couldn’t watch it live.

You can visit our YouTube channel and watch a series of AMAs that we had with some of the most experienced people from the industry. Each session has its essence of inspiration that would certainly help you in your endeavors. 

I hope that these sessions would allow you to come up with your innovative ideas and start your technological enterprise. This is Ashutosh signing off. Till then, keep coding! 

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