A Speedy Recap Of The CodeChef Learning Sprint.

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As you may know, we recently welcomed 278 CodeChef College Chapters and they began the journey of falling in love with programming. Our first step on the track, along with all our beloved Chapters, was the CodeChef Learning Sprint 1. This was our first event this year, and it was a fun and educational experience for everyone involved. 

It was a five-day event, held from the 16th of November, 2020 up until the 20th November, 2020. The event went exactly as we had hoped, with everyone involved getting to experience five days of learning and gaining knowledge. For each of the five days, we had a dedicated syllabus covering everything from an introduction to programming to advanced level DSA. Additionally, all this content was divided into three levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each session meant an opportunity to learn something new for the beginners and a chance to help out fellow coders for seasoned programmers. Overall, this five-day sprint (more like a marathon maybe 😉) saw over 700 enthusiastic programming students gather to learn and grow alongside each other. 

On the first day of the learning sprint (16th Nov) all the beginners learned about the basics of User Input/Output, Loops, Conditions, Data Types, and more. Each topic was explored by everyone present, and we hope they all enjoyed themselves. For all those who knew all the basics but weren’t ready for something intense, we’re talking about the intermediates; they got to learn more about Binary Search and Recursion. Their session was slightly tougher than the beginners, and we hope they got to learn something new. All of the experienced coders got to learn about Fenwick Tree and Simple Segment Tree, and we certainly wish that they enjoyed themselves. 

A sneak peek into one of our sessions! 

The second session (17th Nov) of our learner’s sprint was slightly more interactive than what we had had the day before, as this time, attendees got to take part in a practice session based on their previous learnings. In line with this, the beginners got busy with solving problems related to User Input/Output, Loops, Conditions, Data Types, etc, the intermediates tried their hands at problems from Binary Search and Recursions, while the advanced students experimented with Fenwick Tree and Simple Segment Tree. 

The third session (18th Nov) was all about in-depth learning. All the students present were treated to more detailed knowledge about their ongoing topic. Students also got to solve some interesting problems and questions and test their knowledge as to what they had learned so far. It was a happening session, and it was amazing to see all the students getting better problem by problem. 

The fourth day (19th Nov) was by far the most interactive session of all. As we were fairly close to the end, we hosted practice sessions and doubt solving sessions meant to clear out any and all questions the students might have. Along with this, there were also some fun quizzes and competitions in store. 

The fifth and final session held on the 20th of November can be called the most exciting out of all of them. Students got to test out their learnings of the past four days as we held a real-time contest for them to participate. It’s a 10-day long coding challenge, which will be going on till the 30th of November. The contest is ICPC style and unrated but we are getting to see some great competition nonetheless. However, the students are given only 1.5 hours at a time to attempt the problems. 

Talking to us about their experience with the Learning Sprint, the CodeChef PDPU  Chapter from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (Gujarat) said,

After the event, we got really good feedback from the students and it was very heartwarming to see that they talked to us with an open heart, especially the students who enrolled in 2020. It has been very difficult for these students to understand what they should be doing here in college. What is the campus like? What are the faculties like? They look up to us for guiding them through the process. Thanks to CodeChef, and CodeChef PDPU Chapter committee, we could answer some of their questions and sow a seed of Competitive Programming in them.

Well, that’s the story of the first CodeChef Learning Sprint. We hope to organize many more such events for our Chapters in the near future and keep the coding going! If you’re looking to have such vibrant coding events in your college, you can reach out to us here

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