November LunchTime 2020 | Tourist At The Top Again.

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This weekend’s LunchTime seemed like a fitting way to end the month. With Gennady Korotkovich triumphing over Kevin Sun in a close battle and some well-known names of CP making it to CodeChef, we all got to witness 3 hours of intense coding. Read on for the exciting details of the contest!

The Tough Problems 

The players of Division One were given five problems to wade through for the number 1 spot. Gasoline seemed to be the most popular problem here as 325 out of the 775 players who sent in submissions were able to take home the green tick. All the other four problems must have frustrated a fair amount of coders from this Division, as none were able to gather even 50 successful submissions. Problem Fraction was the second most solved as precisely 32 players cracked this code. Rook Path was a similarly tough problem as only 20 players were able to solve it. The most elusive problems of the lot were Circle Eating and Circle Coloring. Three hundred twenty-five players attempted circle Eating while just eight were able to find the correct answer. Circle Coloring was just as bad, with merely five players solving it. 

Similar to its counterpart, Division Two was assigned five problems to solve. The problem showered with the most love here was Gasoline Introduction, as it saw a grand total of over 4550 successful submissions. Another popular problem in this Division was Gasoline as it gathered 600+ correct answers. Rook Paths was a tough problem over here as well as around 225 players attempted to solve it. Out of these 225, just seven players emerged victorious in their pursuit of the green tick. Fractions was the least solved problem of this Division. A surprising 4100+ players tried their hand at the problem, but only a select five were successful. 

The problems for this LunchTime were definitely a handful and to learn from the contest you can watch the video editorials.

Ranklist Full Of Code-Action. 

Although we didn’t get to see any ties in the top 25 for this Division, there was certainly a lot of competition going on. Gennady beat Kevin Sun to claim gold, and in doing so, reversed the result of this month’s Cook-Off (catch the match report for November Cook-Off here). While he had to settle for 2nd place, Kevin gave a great performance and is enjoying a personal high score of 2987 points on CodeChef. 3rd and 4th  positions were bagged by participants kaizero and tadija_sebez, respectively. Both the players started the contest as 4-star coders and ended it as 5-star ones. Anton Trygub secured 5th position and, in doing so, jumped stars from 6 to 7. Right behind Anton, we had Russian coder rgb_icpc2, who gave a great display of skill throughout the contest. Claiming the seventh spot, we had Japanese participant natsugiri who used this contest to change stars from 6 to 7. Coder errichto secured 8th position and gained 40 points during the contest. Right on his tail was another 7-star user, lomzom. The Vietnamese player accumulated 13 points in the contest but is currently 21 points behind his personal high score. 10th place went to Bulgarian participant vodkain_thejar, who wasn’t able to jump stars in this competition despite his great performance. The only Indian player to make it to the top 25 for this Division was kira_1234 who claimed the 25th spot. Although the player accumulated 41 points in the contest, they weren’t able to switch stars from 6 to 7. 

Meanwhile, Division Two also got to see some stunning displays of skill. Here, the chart was topped by Japanese coder maroonrk, who used this contest to accumulate 203 points and jump stars from 3 to 4. The second position went to North Korean player rns_cus. The coder, an International Grandmaster on CodeForces, gained 275 points from the competition and is now a 3-star coder on CodeChef. In third place, we had coder jiangly. The Chinese player who is quite the sensation on other competitive coding platforms showed some serious skills during the contest and is now a 3-star player on CodeChef. Player tute7627 grabbed 4th place in the contest. The Japanese player, already established on other sites, is now a 3-star player on CodeChef. In fifth place, we had coder grt_2020, who gained 259 points during this contest and is now a 3-star coder on CodeChef. Right after grt_2020, we had player lolkey. The participant accumulated 252 points in the contest and jumped stars from 1 to 3. Places 7 through 10 were claimed by players groeneprof, aditi060303, viratkohlifan, kkartikay26, all of whom were able to change stars from 3 to 4 with the help of this competition. 

Other than aditi060303 and kkartikay26 we had several other Indian players secure a rank in the top 15. Coders iamchavan2000, fake_name_, and abhaypatro all gave stellar performances to secure ranks 11, 12, and 14 respectively. 

That was our recap of the exciting November LunchTime 2020. Let us know if we missed any exciting detail from the contest. To know how this contest was last time, check out the Match Report for the October LunchTime. 

Until next time, this is CodeChef correspondent Riddhi Acharya hoping for an equally happening December.  

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