Overcoming The Hurdles Of Introducing Coding In School | NEP 2020.

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The NEP’s decision to include coding in school, from as early as the sixth standard has drawn a lot of positive responses. People around India have been pleased with the decision as they believe it offers the younger generation better opportunities to excel in the future. However, even with all the positives, it is going to be fairly difficult for both teachers and students to ease into this change and we need to keep them at the forefront to ensure that this transition is carried out as smoothly as possible.  

Challenges For The Pedagogues. 

The different learning speeds of students will prove a tough gap to bridge. While this may be a challenge in regular classes too, it will be even more of a problem with coding as teachers themselves aren’t entirely familiar with teaching programming. Another tough task for the teacher will be having to walk the fine line between ensuring that their student is a practical problem solver and that programming doesn’t become just another subject for kids to write exams for. The curriculum that school boards decide to come up with will need to focus on problem-solving to make sure that kids learn to love the subject. CodeChef has always stood by this ideology, as we have worked at helping students first understand problem-solving, which puts them on the path of being good coders. 

Challenges For The Pupils. 

Along with teachers, students will also face certain challenges within this new curriculum. As we mentioned above, teachers themselves aren’t too familiar with teaching the subject and due to this, students might have to deal with a lack of proper guidance. This lack of proper guidance could also mean that the subject becomes overly complicated for students, and they may regard it with disinterest. Additionally, the Indian education system hasn’t particularly focused on imbibing skills like problem-solving/computational thinking in students from a young age, and due to this factor, students might initially struggle with understanding the concepts of coding. A prominent issue might also be that students get distracted by the false promises that are marketed alongside coding, and rote-learn programming instead of letting their creative side shine. 

Despite all these probable challenges, the decision to teach students problem-solving, computational thinking, and coding is certainly a great one. The CodeChef for Schools initiative has always believed in developing reasoning skills in young kids to help them code better when they grow up. As CodeChef Business Head Anup Kalbalia noted,

“A common fact which people are not aware of is that programming can actually be learned without using a computer, through interactive means like puzzles, building logic, and computational thinking”.

We have been hoping to see a change like this in our education system for almost a decade, and now that it is here, CodeChef stands with the teachers and students and wishes them the best of luck as they begin their journey in the exciting and challenging world of coding.

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