December Cook-Off 2020 | Gennady Crowned Champion Again.

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The December Cook-Off concluded yesterday, and whew! what a great contest it was. We had the contest on a Monday this time, but despite the timing switch we got to see some fantabulous competition. The contest received a total of 54876 submissions from around 9285 participants. Here is a recap, read and enjoy! 

A Phenomenal Problem Set! 

The short duration of the Cook-Off tends to keep all the players on their feet. Combine this with tough problems and it’s even more of a delight. For Division One the problem that played crowd favorite was Self-Destructing Strings as over 730 players managed to solve it. However, the accuracy rate on the problem was only 43.95 which gives us the feeling that the problem left quite a few players heartbroken. Circle of Chaos was another popular problem in Div One with 430+ successful submissions. On the other end of the spectrum, we had a few problems that must have had the star coders frustrated to the moon and back. Problem On Graphs, Probability Theory and Cakes, was no piece of cake as just 4 players cracked this code. Sweet Rectangles was even worse and must have left the participants feeling bitter as merely gennady.korotkevich, ecnerwala and ksun48 solved it. 

Along with Division One, Division Two also had quite the code-party raging. The problem showered with the most love here was Minimum Attendance Requirement as 7500+ players sent in successful submissions. Catch The Thief must have caught the attention of a lot of players as the problem garnered over 4090 correct answers. Despite having a huge total of accepted answers, both these problems had an accuracy rate of 50.98 and 27.04 respectively, which just shows that the competition is always tough. Moving on, one of the toughest problems for this Division was Carry All Fruits. Out of the 50 players who attempted the problem, only 8 walked home with the green tick. Division Two barely escaped the curse of an unsolved problem, as only coder rns_cus solved Mysterious Sequence

Some Uber Competitive Ranklists

The rank list for Division One certainly screamed competition this time. We had gennady.korotkevich engage in an epic battle for gold with ksun48. Gennady emerged victorious and Kevin Sun had to settle for second this time. The next 3 positions were all taken up by coders from United States. At third place we had player ecnerwala who gained 161 points in the contest, and is now a 5-star user. Right on his tail was participant geothermal who used this contest to level up and is now a 7-star player. Next we had player atomicenergy who gained 143 points in the contest but wasn’t able to change stars. 

7-star coder anton_trygub claimed 6th place, and is currently enjoying a personal high score of 2621. On the 7th place we had German participant EgorK who despite his great performance ended up losing a point in the contest. Making India proud, in eighth place we had 7-star user enem who gained 59 points in the contest. With a strong show of skills tadija_sebez bagged ninth position. Lastly we had coder tute7627 claim 10th place, and in doing so jumping stars from 5 to 6. 

Along with enem we had another Indian player secure a position in the top 25. Coder shubham_12, gave a good performance to grab 15th place. Despite gaining 95 points in the contest, shubham_12 wasn’t able to switch stars just yet. 

The Division Two ranklist was topped by North Korean coder rns_cus. rns_cus gave a stellar performance which resulted in him jumping stars from 3 to 4. On the second place we had participant longchallenger, and he was followed by imbr92. Both the players ended the competition as 3-star coders. Indian participant last_fake bagged fourth position, and in doing so leveled up to a 4-star player. Right on his tail was coder modestas. Mirroring last_fake, modestas used this contest to jump stars from 3 to 4. Places 6 and 7 went to participants oath_breaker and im_nayeon. Both the Indian and South Korean started this contest as 3-star players and by the time it concluded they qualified as 4-star coders.

Indian participant gupta_nitin claimed 8th position, used this contest to gain 212 points and switch stars from 3 to 4. 9th position was clinched by player tien_nam and he was followed by Indian coder sharad122arse. Both the coders successfully changed stars from 3 to 4 credit to their performance in the contest. 

These were all the exciting happenings from the 2020 December Cook-Off. Kudos to all the winners and also to those who gave them the toughest competition. We thoroughly enjoyed the contest and we hope you did too. Until next time, this is CodeChef co-respondent Riddhi Acharya hoping for an equally action packed December LunchTime. 

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