ICPC Training Series | Your Chance For Glory At India Regionals & World Finals

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Every competitive programmer dreams about leaving their mark on the coding world. A sure-shot way of doing that is by performing well and making it to the World Finals of the biggest prize – the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). ICPC is an algorithmic programming contest for college students, and indeed everyone aspires to compete in the World Finals. 

CodeChef realized this dream of yours when we introduced the Go for Gold initiative a decade ago, and now with Unacademy’s association, we are back at it again. We have come up with a live interactive training series that will help your team prepare for the contest in a structured way. Be it the preliminary online round or the onsite round for the India regionals; if you are ready to strive hard, then this series will help you ace all of that and make way for the World Finals.

What is the series all about?

Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef program on Unacademy’s platform was our innovative way of ensuring that learners should get all the necessary knowledge needed for any programming competition. We started thinking out loud again and decided to put together a team of ICPC World Finalists and Indian Regionals problem setters who could brainstorm on a new concept. This is how we curated a unique training series that takes you deep into the intricacies of algorithmic programming. Preparing for ICPC requires you to think differently, and for that, special guidance is of utmost importance. With sessions conducted by ICPC World Finalists and previous year Indian Regionals problem setters, your path to glory is certainly set if you go hand in hand with us. 

The training series comprises two parts: Contests & Classes. For the first week or 10 days, a contest will have problems from the previous year’s ICPC rounds. In the coming week post, there will be a series of classes scheduled for the participants to help them solve these problems. The classes have been specially designed for solving the problems that are in the contest. Top programmers from CodeChef take interactive live classes and discuss with you the solutions to these problems. 

Why should an ICPC aspirant be excited?

The training series by CodeChef has been designed so that you learn at your convenience. You attempt a mock test which comprises questions from previous regional ICPC. Once you get well-versed with the test’s difficulty, you can move forward with the training series. This will help you to analyze your progress while preparing as well. The classes will allow you to correct your mistakes and develop sophisticated solutions next time you compete.

You would also be guided by those who know what it takes to be on the grandest stage. They will provide you with sessions to help you with solutions and provide you with that much-needed confidence.

Contest-1 and the training series classes for the same have been completed. Contest 1 began on 22nd December 2020 and lasted till 27th December 2020. The training series started soon after, on 28th December 2020. Contest-2 started on 30th December 2020 and will last till 10th January 2021. The training series classes have also started for the same.

Competitions like ICPC make you think out of the box. Start preparing early and pave your way towards the ultimate prize. This is Ashutosh signing off. Keep coding! 

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