Round-Up of The 2020 CodeChef LunchTimes.

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2020 was unusual, to say the least, and amid the pandemic, the LunchTime contests were something we could count on to keep us busy. Today, we’ve compiled a player’s recap of the LunchTime 2020 season, hope you enjoy it! 

Gennady Korotkevich Remains the GOAT! 

Along with the Cook-Offs, Gennady also had a great LunchTime season. He won his first LunchTime title at the August LunchTime. The contest had some tough problems like Chefina and Swaps and Gennady gave a superb performance to clinch gold. After this contest, he was on an absolute roll as he went on to claim three consecutive titles at the September, October, and November LunchTime. All the contests had some seriously competitive coding going on and winning all of them was an absolute feat and we are amazed at how he manages to pull it off so consistently. Share some tricks and tips, please!   

uwi And progmatic Win Two LunchTimes Each! 

This LunchTime season proved to be memorable for both progmatic and uwi as the pros claimed two wins each. progmatic left us all stunned by his performance in the February LunchTime where he claimed his first LunchTime win of the year. The contest came equipped with some tough problems and the way he solved them was extremely impressive. He didn’t have to wait very long for his next win as the May LunchTime was another contest which he dominated. A memorable contest with some champion coders in the rank list, we are sure that progmatic is proud of his performance here. 

One of our all-time favorites, uwi, also gave us some dazzling displays of skill. He had a really strong start as he finished first in the January LunchTime. The contest was definitely a competitive one, and uwi’s win was absolutely iconic. January seemed to be a good month for him as he also won the Cook-Off earlier that month. His second win of the LunchTime 2020 season came midway through the year at the June LunchTime. In his quest for gold, uwi beat compatriots natsugiri and hitonanode in what was an epic code-battle. 

All Our Other Champions. 

After Gennady, progmatic, and uwi there were only four LunchTime titles left up for grabs. The first one of these titles was claimed by coder um_nik at the March LunchTime. Although he gave a stunning performance in the contest, unfortunately for um_nik this particular LunchTime ended up being unrated. a2317757009  (mouthful, right!?), was another one of our solo winners as he claimed the gold right after um_nik at the April LunchTime. With an enviable problem-set, a2317757009’s win was absolutely fantastic. The July LunchTime was isaf27‘s time to shine. With some tough competition like uwi, isaf27 has to be proud of his win. Our last solo-title winner of the year was endagorian. It was an epic battle between him and Gennady at the December LunchTime and he emerged on top by a hair. History repeated itself in this competition, as due to some issues this contest was forced to be unrated. 

Well, folks, that’s it for now. It was an exciting ride for us to relive all the entire LunchTime 2020 season and we hope you enjoyed it too!  

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