Round-Up Of The 2020 Cook-Offs

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This year was rather unexpected in terms of the global pandemic and lockdowns. Nevertheless, the CodeChef Cook-Offs brought in some amazing competition throughout the year and kept us all occupied. Today, we have collated a player’s recap of all the 2020 Cook-Off’s; read and enjoy! 

Gennady Claimed A Staggering 5 Titles! 

We’ve been jealous of Gennady’s skills since forever, and he proved exactly why once more this year as he took home the win in nearly half the Cook-Offs. His first win of the year was at the March Cook-Off where he beat fellow coder kmaaszraa in a close fight. After this contest, Gennady seemed to be on a roll as he claimed the wins in both the April and May Cook-Offs. He had some tough competition both times but he pulled through, and in doing so, he created a streak of his own! Gennady’s next win came at the October Cook-Off. This time along with the other players, he also had to battle a tough problem-set with questions like ppeerrffeecctt ssqquuaarreess. His last win of the Cook-Off season was at the December Cook-Off where he beat Kevin Sun in an epic battle for the title.  

ksun48 and uwi Claim 2 Wins Each. 

Along with Gennady, the 2020 Cook-Off season proved to be memorable for both Kevin Sun and uwi. Kevin clinched his first title of the 2020 Cook-Off season at the July Cook-off. The contest was particularly tough as the players were assigned 8 problems and 2.5 hours to solve them. Kevin gave a stunning display of skills as he solved all the given problems to claim the win. His next win came at the November Cook-Off 2020. The contest was absolutely amazing overall as we got to witness an epic battle between Kevin and Gennady alongside a great problem-set.  

This year was also equally eventful for crowd-favorite uwi. He started the year strong as he claimed the win in the January Cook-Off. He had a tough fight laid out for him, but uwi gave an absolutely wonderful performance as he claimed the first place. After the win at the January Cook-Off, uwi had to wait quite a while for his second Cook-Off title of the year. The drought finally ended when he clinched the first position in the September Cook-Off. The contest had a challenging problem set, and uwi engaged in a close battle with 7-star coder progmatic before he emerged victorious. 

All The Other Winners. 

Between themselves, Gennady, uwi, and Kevin won a total of 9 Cook-Offs. This meant that we had only three other winners this Cook-Off season. The winners were tmwilliam, gainullinildar, and nuip. tmwilliam claimed his win early in the season at the February Cook-Off. The rank list for this contest was peppered in red, and tmwilliam gave a great performance to clinch the title. gainullinildar won his solo Cook-Off title of this year at the June Cook-Off. There were some tough problems lined up for him, but he solved them all showing us exactly why he is a pro. nuip claimed his win in the August Cook-Off. The problem set for the contest was extremely tough as we had an unsolved problem in Division One, but nuip gave a dazzling display of skill to take home his only Cook-Off win of this year. 

Well CodeCheffers, that’s it for now. This Cook-Off season was a supremely action-packed one, and we hope the 2021 season brings us the same amount of excitement! 

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