Round-Up of The 2020 Long Challenges.

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We have to admit that 2020 was a rather chaotic year. But even with a global pandemic, the CodeChef Long Challenges were a safe space for all of us. The ten days always promised us short bursts of excitement in what was a long year. So, as our gift to you, we have prepared a player’s round-up for the Long Challenges of 2020, enjoy! 

rns_5 Won Big! 

rns_5 was the undisputed ruler of this year’s Long Challenges. With 3 first-place finishes, the coder showed some serious grit and skill. rns_5’s first win of the year was in the July Long Challenge. Having solved all ten problems and scoring a perfect 1000, this competition was the player’s way of saying watch out 😉. rns5 quickly got a second and consecutive title in the August Long Challenge. However, this was a tougher fight as the coder’s final score was (a perfect) 800 while endagorian, who secured second place, scored 799.338. rns5’s final victory for this season came in the November Long Challenge. Solving all the assigned 9 problems and racking up a perfect score of 900, it was quite a performance. All in all, it was quite an year for rns5. 

kut_hgs1997 and tmyklebu Win Two Challenges Each! 

Both kut_hgs1997 and tmyklebu gave us some stunning performances this year. kut_hgs1997 got his first win of the year at the March Long Challenge. With 9 tough problems and some cutthroat competition, we are sure that winning this competition helped him feel a little less sad about the pandemic. His second title came in the May Long Challenge. With a dazzling display of skills he took home his last win in the Long Challenges of 2020. Other than his two first place finishes kut_hgs1997 also secured two-second position finishes in the February Long Challenge and the April Long Challenge. 

Meanwhile, tmyklebu also had an equally good year at the Long Challenges. His first Long Challenge title of the year was at the October Long Challenge. Although he sat atop the rank list this competition, he did have to share his top spot with 18 other people as there was a crazy 18-way tie for the first position in this contest. His second win was at the most recent Long Challenge, the December Long Challenge. Following the same story as the October Long Challenge, even at this contest tmyklebu ended up sharing his first spot with 18 other players credit to one more chaotic tie! With some fantastic title wins for him, we are sure tmyklebu looks back at the 2020 Long Challenges with happiness and a sense of pride. 

The Other 5 Winners

While these were all the multiple title winners for this year, the other 5 Long Challenges also saw some great coding and competition. The first LC of the year, the January Long Challenge, was won by Chinese player cheng2014 in a terrific contest. He solved all eight problems and scored 796.129 to secure the win in the first contest of the year. The February Long Challenge was won by coder peehs_moorhsum. The Chinese 7-star coder scored a perfect 800 points for his solo Long Challenge win of the year. The April Long Challenge was ACRush’s chance to shine. The ace coder and crowd-favorite gave us an absolutely amazing show to win the contest. Rns4 clinched the first position for the June Long Challenge. The North-Korean had some tough competition, but he pulled through, showing us exactly why he is one of the best. Our last solo-title winner of the year was rns6 as the coder claimed the first position at the September Long Challenge. The player had ten tough problems to solve, and he cracked all of them, proving his mettle as a coder. 

Well folks, that was our recap of the Long Challenges of 2020. The year was certainly an exciting one in the socially distanced world of competitive programming, and we hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane as much as we did. 

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