You Don’t Need An IIT Tag To Crack The FAANG Interviews!

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IITs sit at the crest of the engineering colleges in India. Because of all the hype surrounding them, those who make their way through are hailed as exceptionally lucky. It has become an apparent view among the public that such students are bound to have a prosperous and secure future. On the contrary, students who could not make it through to the IITs get dejected and feel like it is the end of the road for them. 

A prevalent topic of discussion among Tier-II and Tier-III college students is that top product based company jobs remain elusive for the non-IITians. However, the truth is that there are no plebs or elites in the job market – it’s a fair shot for the well-groomed. Product-based companies might not visit such colleges, but that cannot stop you from living your dream. There are several examples, like Anudeep Nekkanti and Abdullah Aslam, who came from Tier-II and Tier-III and could still crack the company they aspire.   

Infrastructurally, there are several alternatives to prepare for more challenging interviews than the orthodox ways and bridge the gap. Students from not so reputed colleges may find it hard to break the glass ceiling owing to a lack of proper guidance. We at CodeChef, understand all these scenarios and have come up with a project that will help you with your preparations.

Challenging situations for students from Tier-II and Tier-III colleges!

As difficult as it might seem, there are several ways by which you can brush up your skills and compete with the very best in the business. Let’s discuss a few of those ways here –  

Competitive Programming – The battleground to show your true grit!

Unarguably, the first step to cracking the FAANG interviews is to start competing with a massive community of programmers. Competitive Programming is the spell that you need to practice as hard as possible. It feels like a gargantuan task initially, but if you keep yourself dedicated, you can cast all the magic with your problem-solving skills. Competitive programming websites like CodeChef and Codeforces host a bunch of contests every month. By taking part in these contests, you’ll get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Even if you don’t perform well initially, it’s the best way out there to hone your skills as they have practice sessions & resources too. 

ICPC and other Programming Contests – The arena of the elites!

If you have been a part of the coding community long enough, you must have heard about ICPC. The International Collegiate Programming Contest or ICPC is the oldest and the most prestigious programming contest in the world. As the world likes to call it, ICPC is the “Olympics of Programming Competitions.”

Now, most of you might be wondering that if ICPC is such a coveted contest, how will I compete in that? Well, to simply put it, winning the competition is by far the most important objective, but that doesn’t mean you do not benefit from a loss. If you make it through the regionals and compete in the World Finals, you are already way ahead of the bunch. Furthermore, contests like these teach you how to work as a team and make the best decisions under pressure. For more information about the contest, check out the exclusive blog about ICPC and its preparation.

There are other prestigious contests like Google Code Jam and Facebook Hacker Cup that you can compete in as they are also attended by the best programming minds across the globe. Now you know the first two mantras, Competitive programming, and ICPC but what if you are an absolute beginner? Don’t worry! We have got you covered here as well.

Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef – An effort to bridge the gap between Tier-I and Tier-II/Tier-III colleges!

Top-rated colleges have a well structured coding culture. They have proper coding clubs where regular contests are held over top programming platforms. This is something that is either inefficient or completely non-existent in Tier-II and Tier-III colleges. Thus, students cannot practice effectively, and they lag in the race for placements. Opportunities should be equal for everyone, and we strive hard to provide such students with all the possible resources to compete with the best. To be a better problem solver, you need to have thorough theoretical knowledge and know how to implement them practically. Keeping all these factors in mind, CodeChef, under the aegis of Unacademy, came up with a project.

When we launched Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef, it was like a dream come true moment for us. Audio-visual learning is an indispensable part of education. Our objective was to provide everyone with affordable access to top-quality educators. This has been made possible to a wide range of learners from all over the country by Unacademy. What we want to do now is to extend this to computer science education in India and eventually across the globe.  

The program provides you with free Live Classes by the best competitive programmers and teachers! This project brings you educators who are not only celebrities in competitive programming but also incredibly passionate about teaching computer science. The teaching team has been hand-picked and includes ICPC World Finalists, IOI medal winners, top-rated programmers, and some who work in your dream companies. The codes taught by these educators have been designed keeping in mind the interview process of the FAANG companies. The discussion forums on our platform allow you to interact with a larger community of programmers. All of this with teaching assistance provided post-class is what every budding programmer wishes for, and we are providing you with it. 

This project’s sole objective is to make you believe that you can compete with the elites and stand next to them even if you are not an IITian. Start your programming journey with Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef and get the unimagined benefits. Till then, keep coding!     

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