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Classes keep flowing from Unacademy for the millions of students in our community! The last time it was no different, and we had a wide variety of information to offer. Those seven days had kept us on our toes, but we delivered to the community’s expectations. Let’s not wait any longer get into the highlights of some of the trending classes.

Let’s unpack the free gifts from Unacademy!

Jan 22, 2021 – Out of the several ways of approaching a programming problem, the Greedy Algorithm seems to have the upper hand. A Greedy Algorithm is an algorithm that follows the problem solving heuristic of making the locally optimal choice at each stage. There are several ways of applying this algorithm, and it all depends on the question that is being asked. The best way of acing it is to practice a wide variety of problems. Srikkanth’s special class on Problem Solving with Greedy Algorithms allows you to analyze different problems of varying complexity. Get the confidence you need by attending the class if Greedy Algorithms keep you confused. Check out the recording of this class, or who knows you might find a Live Class happening there too.

Jan 24, 2021 – Data Structures are the most important topic that you need to prepare for any sort of technical interview. Every concept in DSA is important, and you need to have practical knowledge about it. Keeping the interview session in mind, a special class was curated to help learners with that. Our most famous educator, Sanket Singh, was the host for the class, and he talked in detail about all the important factors that can help you ace any interview. Do check that out!

Jan 25, 2021 Dynamic Programming forms a big part of DSA, making it an essential concept. A DP is an algorithmic technique usually based on a recurrent formula and one (or some) starting state. Himanshu Singh’s special class on DP and its problem-solving will allow you to understand the concept in detail. It will, therefore, also allow you to strengthen your core in DSA as a whole.

Jan 28, 2021 – Minimum Spanning Tree is one of the most important tree data structure concepts. A lot of problems are asked from this particular topic in several competitions and technical interview. Therefore, it’s a topic that you have to study as there is no escape. Luckily we do have a great resource for this. Rohit Mazumder’s special class teaches you about Minimum Spanning Tree’s concepts, focusing on Prim’s Algorithm. Prim’s algorithm is a Greedy Algorithm that finds a minimum spanning tree for a weighted undirected graph. 

We also had several events during those days like the Colosseum Aptitude Test. It happens every Saturday, but if you haven’t attended it, you can still try it out for practice and fun. We come up with several such events each week catering to the community, so participate in these events and show your mettle.

If you haven’t checked out the free classes and courses provided by Unacademy, click here. With more exciting classes to come in the coming week, get ready to learn something new. We’ll be back with another roundup next week. Till then, keep learning, keep coding!

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