The February Long Challenge 2021 | A Delightful Ten Days

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The February Long Challenge has finally ended, and the contest was an absolute mood. The competition started in the 5th of Feb and ended on the 15, with all of us being privy to some  great participation and problems the competition proved to be ten days of fantastic code-action. We’ve rounded up all the important details of the contest, enjoy!

A Precious Problem Platter 

With almost 34,000 participants and 4,31,000+ submissions, the February Long Challenge 2021 was a coding fiesta like none other. A contest like this certainly has some enticing problems! Let’s discuss them in detail.

The amazing problem set of the Long Challenges always keep the players on their feet. This time was no different, and Division One was given nine problems to wade through. The most popular problems ended up being Team Name and Prime Game (such a lovely rhyme :-)). Team Name gathered 220 successful submissions throughout the contest, and Prime Game wasn’t far behind at 216. On the other side, the problems that played devil for Division One were Cut the Cake (Challenge) and Dream and the Multiverse. While Cut the Cake drew in nearly 30 correct answers, Dream and the Multiverse proved impossibly tough as only 9 players walked away with the green tick for this one.

Talking Division Two, even here our coders were assigned nine problems to solve. Maximize Function was the problem showered with the most attention as we had 5k plus successful submissions for it. Another problem that the coders seemed to fancy was Frog Sort, as it accumulated exactly 4605 correct answers. Problem Cut the Cake (Challenge) made a repeat appearance in this Division as well, as it baffled the players once more. Over the ten days merely 14 participants were able to crack this code. Another tough problem for the Division was Bash Matrix as it saw only 7 correct answers, and an accuracy rate of .93 percent. 

Moving on to our youngest Division a.k.a Division Three, the coders were given ten problems to battle through. The problems for this Division that played good cop were Highest Divisor and Maximize Function. Highest Divisor saw a stunning 26,000+ successful submissions. Maximize Function was also given equal amounts of attention as it received over 18,500 correct answers. Way to go Division Three! However, not all things were fun and games here. The problem that played bad cop was once again Cut the Cake (Challenge). The players must have worked hard but despite that the problem gathered only 7 correct answers! 

Ranklists That Were Uber Competitive 

A typical Long Challenge ranklist is full of daring comebacks and cutthroat competition. Well, these ranklists absolutely didn’t disappoint. The first place in the Division One ranklist was occupied by coder rns_cus. It was a triumph for the player who jumped stars from 5 to 6 credit to the stellar performance. On second position, we had player freeloop, who despite the amazing display of skills wasn’t able to jump stars. freeloop was followed by coder wasa855 who used this contest to accumulate nearly 150 points, and switch stars to 7. Both the fourth and fifth places were claimed by Indian coders sg1729 and d_en_ominator. Both the players were able to use this contest to boost their rating and become 7-star players. 

Meanwhile, the Division Two ranklist was topped by Indian coder studtan92. studtan92 showed some serious skill in the contest and is now a 4-star player. He was followed by compatriot cubercoder who gained 159 points in the contest and leveled up to a 5-star player. On the third place we had tranxuanbach who mirrored cubercoder and switched stars from 4 to 5. tranxuanbach was followed by daltao, who collected a stunning 178 points in the contest and is now a 5-star coder. The fifth place was again occupied by a Indian coder, roshan_08. roshan_08 gave it his best and was able to climb up to a 5-star player. 

In Division Three, the chart was ruled by n34r. The user who started out the contest as a 1-star coder, gained 275 points in the contest, and ended it as a 3-star one. n34r was followed by okavango. okavango showed some real grit in the contest, and used his rating boost to climb up the ladder and become a 4-star player. On the third spot we had participant primeg who started the contest as a 1-star player and ended it as a 3-star one. There was a stunning 22-way tie for the fourth spot and you can scroll through the ranklist here to know who all the players were.

Well, by the looks of it, it was certainly an happening competition. This is CodeChef co-respondent Riddhi Acharya hoping for more such exciting Long Challenges. Until next time, keep coding!

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  1. Thanks for this report. Just a small correction, there was an error in the rankliist of Div2 till yesterday which was fixed recently. The actual winner is @scheffeli

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