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Two of the few things that never stop in life – learning process and free classes as a part of Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef Program on Unacademy! With free Special Classes and Micro-courses in our category on Unacademy, our educators have covered a wide array of topics suiting every programmer’s needs. With some classes being a follow-up from the previous week, we also picked up new topics. Here we will be discussing a few of those trending classes and events, so let’s dive in!

I have given a short explanation at the end of my blog for those unaware of what these classes are. But remember, to watch these free classes on the platform for the first time, always use the access code CODECHEF.

What did Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef offer you this time?

Jan 30, 2021 – Even after having such a big community, a big chunk of students are elusive as to what Competitive Programming (CP) is. The powers of CP are known only to a few, and it is of utmost importance that we make the students aware of this. Sanket Singh’s class on Kickstart to Competitive Programming is the perfect way to learn about this programming domain. In this class, Sanket discussed competitive programming, why it is essential, and how to get started. This class is in collaboration with ApScript, IEEE APSIT. Sanket Singh has been the educator with the highest number of views in the Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef category on Unacademy. With his experience and guidance, you will surely learn a lot.

Jan 31, 2021 – In computer science, the Aho–Corasick Algorithm is a string-searching algorithm invented by Alfred V. Aho and Margaret J. Corasick. It is a kind of dictionary-matching algorithm that locates elements of a finite set of strings within an input text. It matches all strings simultaneously. Riya Bansal’s class on this algorithm will take you into the depths of this concept. In this second class of Aho-Corasick Micro-course, Riya has discussed the optimised implementation for Aho-Corasick Algorithm in great detail.

Feb 02, 2021 – Loops are like the inseparable part of programming. They might also be the most used concept in programming. Learning about them and using them efficiently is what every programmer aims at. Arnab Sir’s free class on Introduction to Loops will use basic programming for implementing loops and iterations for logical problem-solving. Competitive programming students will be benefiting from this session. Do check out this class if you want to become an expert with Loops! 

Feb 04, 2021 – Prime numbers play a central role in almost all problems in number theory. They form a big part of other programming concepts as well. Nishchay Manwani has a special class for you that will help you with your Prime Number queries. In this session, we will look at how to find out if a number is prime or composite, a domain of algorithms known as Primality Tests. This session will be in Hindi so if you are not comfortable with English, you have to check this out! 

Apart from these informative classes, we had several events like Triumph-4. Triumph is a programming aptitude MCQ test. Winners for the test have already been announced, but you can still attempt it and check where you stand. The test comprises basic programming questions so anyone new to CP should surely try this out. We have several such events happening every week so make sure you check out the Unacademy platform regularly for these! 

You can go to the Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef category on Unacademy platform and discover a whole new world for avid programmers! 

What is a Free Class & How Can you attend one?

Free classes are called Special Classes and can be attended by anyone on the Unacademy Platform who registers and chooses Competitive Programming as their goal. When you try to check any of the above mentioned classes, you will be taken to the Unacademy platform and will be required to sign up using your mobile number or email address. You would be receiving an OTP on your registered credentials to enter in the signup menu. Once you have signed up, you need to add Competitive Programming to your goal from the drop-down menu. This will ensure that learning CP remains your goal this year, and you keep getting updates about any new programming classes on the platform. To watch these free classes on the platform for the first time, always remember to use the access code CODECHEF.

This is Ashutosh hoping that we were able to help you with your doubts with these free classes. We will be back again with a new roundup next week. Let’s get cracking!

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