February LunchTime 2021 | A Contest To Remember

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The February LunchTime concluded recently, and the contest was an absolute thriller. With some stunning problems in all the Divisions and participants who gave us quite the display of skills, it was an exciting 3 hours. 

The Amazing Platter Of Problems 

Even with its short duration, the LunchTime problem setters set some pretty tough problems for the players. This time was no different, and there was some major coding going on in the contest. Division One was given six problems to wade through, and the crowd favorite here was Average Sorting The problem got a total of 132 submissions, with an accuracy rate of 24.91%. Another popular problem among the top coders was Sed Mex, as the problem accumulated over a hundred submissions. Talking tough problems for the Division we had Minimum Divisibility Set and Hot Meals and Queues. The problems had all the coders perplexed as Minimum Divisibility Set got only 2 correct answers, while Hot Meals and Queues got a solo successful submission. 

Moving on to Division Two, the most solved problems were Coprime Range and Palpal Strings. Coprime Range got more than 2.3k green ticks, and Palpal Strings wasn’t far behind at 1900+ successful submissions. Sed Mex made an appearance in this Division as well, and it got nearly 300 correct answers. The toughest problems in this Division were Independent Set and Chef and Reordering. Independent Set got a total of 29 submissions, with an accuracy rate of 9.51 percent. Chef and Reordering was even more elusive as only 3 players were able to solve the problem. 

Meanwhile, Division Three was busy with their own lot of problems. Smallest Possible Whole Number was the unrivaled favorite here, as it brought in nearly 5,500 successful submissions. Daanish and Problems was another popular question, as it saw 4,800+ correct answers and an accuracy rate of 74.92%. On the opposite end of the spectrum, problems Sed Max and Independent Set were the villains of the Division. While Sed Max saw a total of nearly 50 green ticks, only 4 players were able to solve Independent Set. 

Ranklists That Were The Definition Of Competition! 

This LunchTime saw a lot of cutthroat competition in the ranklists. The ruler in Division One was 7-star player Ra16bit as he secured first place. Not far behind him we had Canadian and crowd-favorite ksun48. The already 7-star player gained 30 points in the contest and has a current score of 2894. On the third position we had participant ecnerwala. Despite his stellar performance, ecnerwala wasn’t able to use this contest to switch stars. ecnerwala was followed by farhod_farmon. The player used this contest to collect 139 points and level up to a 7-star coder. Lastly, on the fifth place we had Japanese participant natsugiri. The global rank 3 was already a 7-star player but was able to use this contest to further his personal score by 45 points. 

For Division Two, the ranklist was dominated by tenkei. The Chinese player used the contest to gather 210 points and jump starts from 3 to 4. On second place we had Russian coder kirdmiv. Mirroring tenkei, kirdmiv was able to utilize this contest to switch stars from 3 to 4. kirdmiv was followed by Indian coder karan984. Credit to his performance, the player gained 160 points in the contest and is now a 5-star coder. On the fourth place we had participant rainbowbunny. The player gave a solid performance throughout the contest, gained 169 points and jumped start from 4 to 5. Right behind rainbowbunny, we had player nima_naderi_83. She gave us an amazing display of skills, and like the two players before her, she used the contest to level up to a 5-star coder.

Moving on to Division Three, the top coder here was anonymousmouse. This was the player’s second CodeChef contest, and they used it to switch stars from 2 to 3. In second place we had coder shaba312, who despite the great performance wasn’t able to switch stars. shaba312 was followed by Indian coder furreal. furreal put on a classy show, and he is now a 3-star player. Fourth position was bagged by tskhada. tskhada seriously brought their A-game because the player managed to jump stars from 1 to 3. Fifth place was claimed by Indian participant chefback. chefback was on fleek throughout the contest, and credit to this was able to switch stars from 1 to 3. 

Well coders, that was our recap of the February LunchTime 2021. We absolutely enjoyed the contest, and we hope you did too. Until next time, this is CodeChef co-respondent Riddhi Acharya hoping for an equally happening March Long Challenge! 

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