This Women’s Day, Together We #ChooseToChallenge!

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Supporting and encouraging women is a year-round thing, but today we stop, reflect, proclaim for accelerating women’s equality, and celebrate the ones breaking the glass ceiling. Despite all the challenges, we see women choosing themselves, standing up for parity, and thriving in their fields. This year too, we bring to the red carpet the Top 10 Women* on Global and Indian ranklist from the CodeChef community.

Global RankCountry RankNameCountry
43853LiShiyao (6★loopfree)China
51334Kirika Yuumura (6★kirika_comp)Japan
8028Hsin-Yi, Wang (6★hiwang123)Taiwan
101323Sofiia (6★sonechko)Ukraine
142114Davidescu Irina (6★irina)Romania
506125Arooshi Verma (6★av221)India
757241Malvika Joshi (6★meteora)India
1046406Jyoti Agrawal (6★jyoti851999)India
1597750Uhini Mukherjee (5★uhini0215)India
1865918Aditi Khatri (5★aditi060303)India
*Those who have been active in the last one year on CodeChef

Every year, as we celebrate women’s day and reflect on the progress, we are happy to see how far we have come. Here are a few highlights of the journey from the last year:

Before we buckle up ourselves for the further journey, let’s take a quick look at what the numbers say from the past one year.

CodeChef has 88780 newly registered female users since March 2020, but the total still remains to be just 19% of the entire community. Furthermore, only 11% of these females feature on the rated leaderboard. And amongst these, as few as 9% are 3-star and above!

Well, this doesn’t look great, does it? So, we need to work harder and while we always speak of being gender-inclusive, we never really had a common goal to achieve. A GOAL, for each of us, to work towards as a community! And it may sound too ambitious, but together we can achieve it. Won’t we? So, together, let’s #ChooseToChallenge every barrier that doesn’t encourage ‘her’ enough.

Now, what can we do exactly? For starters, each of us can aim to motivate and support at least 1 woman around us to participate and perform in contests. The goal is to bring the 11% rated female users closer to 50%, and help make a gender-balanced leaderboard! (Also, did you notice? We now have  a user-gender filter feature on the leaderboard for you to keep a tab on the female ratings!)

Once again, let’s capture the spirit of International Women’s Day and spread the word to #StandForHer as she stands for herself and her being! A happy women’s day to everyone, from women to men, allied in this journey.

We also got some special presents for the special month, so don’t forget to spread the word to grab them all!

Special Prizes for women in the CodeChef Monthly Contests:

  • A double number of prizes for the women winners in all the monthly contests. For example: Instead of Top 5, Top 10 will get the winner laddus in the Long Challenge contest! Participate Now!

Team CodeChef

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