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It’s crazy how fast time flies and how things progress! We have already entered the third month of 2021, and the classes from Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef Program on Unacademy keep coming! This week we had several Special Classes and Micro-Courses covering topics from Discrete Mathematics to Number Theory. If these concepts tend to confuse you all the time, then these classes are definitely for you! 

Also, if you are not aware of these free Live Classes, I have provided a complete explanation for that in the end, so do check that out. To access these classes on the Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef category on the Unacademy platform, use the Code – CODECHEF.

Let’s get started with the most trending Special Classes! 

Feb 27, 2021 – Sorting and Searching are probably the first algorithms that a student learns while preparing for competitive programming and DSA. They might seem basic at first, but as you gradually make progress, you’ll notice that these are used in most of the tricky problems. Thus, they form the crucial pillars of your DSA knowledge, and they form a big part of any major interview session. Riya Bansal, one of our top educators on Unacademy, brings to you a Special Class where she talks about the importance of Sorting and Searching in interviews. These concepts strengthen your basics, and therefore they are fundamental for you to attend.

Feb 28, 2021 – Number Theory is a branch of pure mathematics devoted primarily to the study of integers and integer-valued functions. This concept is crucial for competitive programming because several problems use integer-valued functions. Even though it is not discussed much, you should clearly understand how essential Number Theory is for CP. Considering all of this, we have appointed our best educator, Sanket Singh, to make you an expert in Number Theory. In this class, he’ll help you take a deep dive into the concepts of Number Theory and the mathematics behind it.

Feb 28, 2021 – Discrete Mathematics and programming both go hand in hand. You cannot expect to excel in one while leaving the other behind. In general, Discrete Mathematics is the study of mathematical structures that are fundamentally not continuous. Sounds confusing? It does initially to a lot of beginners, but there is nothing to be worried about. Tanuj Khattar, our educator and an employee at Google, is there to help you out with his Special Class for The Fascinating World of Discrete Mathematics

Mar 3, 2021 – Some more important concepts for an interview are Sets and Hashmaps. For people who are not aware of Hashmaps, it is similar to a HashTable. Questions from these two topics are asked frequently in DSA interviews, and also, these are those topics that people tend to leave behind. If you prepare them thoroughly, you get an edge over the others. Riya Bansal’s Special Class on Sets and Hashmaps is specially curated to help you answer interview questions. Don’t miss out on this! 

Apart from these wonderful classes, we conducted several miscellaneous classes and events. One of those events was the CodeChef Ascend. Ascend was a weekend learning series where we laid out the roadmap for you to become an advanced coder, along with some tips and tricks for competitive programming. If you want to challenge yourself as a 2-Star or 3-Star coder, CodeChef Ascend is the perfect way to start your journey! 

What is a Free Class (aka Special Class), and how can you attend one?

Free classes are called Special Classes and can be attended by anyone on the Unacademy Platform who registers and chooses Competitive Programming as their goal. When you try to check any of the classes mentioned earlier, you will be taken to the Unacademy platform and will be required to sign up using your mobile number or email address. You would be receiving an OTP on your registered credentials to enter in the signup menu. Once you have signed up, you need to add Competitive Programming to your goal from the drop-down menu. This will ensure that learning CP remains your goal this year, and you keep getting updates about any new programming classes on the platform. To watch these free classes on the platform for the first time, always remember to use the access code CODECHEF.

This wraps up the roundup for this week. We’ll be back with another one; till then, keep learning and keep coding with Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef Program on Unacademy. Ciao! 

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