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It has been a pretty scintillating week for budding programmers because of the number of free classes and events we had. Courtesy of Learn Competitive Programming with CodeChef Program on Unacademy, there is so much more to come! Let’s hop onto the roundup ride and catch up with all the highlights.

Also, if you are not aware of these free Live Classes, I have provided a complete explanation for that in the end, so do check that out. To access these classes on the Learn Competitive Programming With CodeChef category on the Unacademy platform, use the Access Code – CODECHEF.

Kruskal’s Algorithm, Combinatorics, and so much more!

Mar 06, 2021 – Getting a perfect intro to DS is very important and if the beginning is right, then half of the distance is already covered. Having a basic understanding of DS is of utmost importance because that makes you a better problem solver. Covering all the essential points of DS, Riya Bansal, one of our top educators, has a Special Class that you just cannot miss. Introduction to Basic Data Structures will help you to understand the importance of each concept in detail. This will teach you better implementation, resulting in optimised answers and faster results. 

Mar 07, 2021 – In recent years, Python has emerged as one of the most popular programming languages and rightly so because of its easy syntax. With its close proximity to English, most beginners start their CP journey using this language. Sanket Singh or Sanket Bhaiya as he is called by his students has a Special Class on Python that will introduce you to programming in Python and covers all the basic language constructs.

Mar 11, 2021 – Kruskal’s Algorithm is used to find the minimum spanning tree for a connected weighted graph. It is one of the most important algorithms concerning Graphs and is therefore essential for you to understand. For all the intricate details, Pulkit Chhabra, the 6-star coder and former intern at Codenation is here with his Special Class that explains how the algorithm works and then moves on to discuss some very interesting problems. Also, the class is in Hindi, so if you are not familiar with English, this is the best place to start. 

Mar 11, 2021 – Combinatorics is the field of mathematics concerned with selection, arrangement, and operation within a finite or discrete system. There are a lot of problems in competitive programming that are directly related to Combinatorics. Himanshu Singh’s class on Combinatorics Problems is ideal for you to start with such an intriguing topic. In this class, he discussed the different types of problems and various techniques to solve those. 

We are not done yet. Here comes the Special Events! 

We had Akashdeep Nain as our guest for the second episode of Weekends With Champions! The Google coder discussed his programming life and provided us with some fascinating information that will surely inspire you. If you couldn’t watch the episode live, you can still watch the recording here. 

Also, we had the CodeChef Aspire event during the weekend. The event was all about learning DSA from educators working in top product companies, ICPC finalists, and 7-star CodeChef users. You can still go through the sessions and grasp up every bit of information! 

What is a Free Class (aka Special Class), and how can you attend one?

Free classes are called Special Classes and can be attended by anyone on the Unacademy Platform who registers and chooses Competitive Programming as their goal. When you try to check any of the classes mentioned earlier, you will be taken to the Unacademy platform and will be required to sign up using your mobile number or email address. You would be receiving an OTP on your registered credentials to enter the sign-up menu. Once you have signed up, you need to add Competitive Programming to your goal from the drop-down menu. This will ensure that learning CP remains your goal this year, and you keep getting updates about any new programming classes on the platform. To watch these free classes on the platform for the first time, always remember to use the access code CODECHEF.

We’ll be hosting several interesting classes and events in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for those. This wraps up the roundup for this week. We’ll be back soon with more exciting resources. Till then, let’s crack it! 

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