Let’s Build A Coding Club In Your College Together!

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A thriving Coding Club in your college is rather pertinent to shaping a promising programming career for you and your classmates. The unparalleled benefits and the fact that it costs nothing makes it a desirable prospect. Yet, hundreds of colleges have these clubs, and still, they can’t seem to make the required progress. Because of being poorly maintained, most of these coding clubs have lost their essence. Taking things into our own hands, we step in again to help such clubs with a complete revival.

When our journey started in 2009, our sole purpose was to make the people of India and abroad realize the importance of programming. We wanted to introduce them to the endless opportunities that one stumbles upon during their programming journey. It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path. The idea was to nurture a programming culture among Indian students, especially those who cannot make it to the IITs and NITs. All of this gave birth to the idea of CodeChef’s College Chapters a.k.a Coding Clubs.

College Chapters – The assembly of the top guns!

CodeChef College Chapters are the programming clubs run and maintained by the students and mentored by CodeChef. They aim to make learning programming accessible for students across the globe. With over 281 College Chapters already, we have come a long way in achieving this goal, and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon! 

With Indian students bringing in international competitions, and major tech companies taking a keen interest in competitive programming ranks for recruitment, one can say that we’re headed in the right direction. But competitions form a tiny part of CodeChef’s College Chapters. Our purpose is to make sure that students enjoy and experiment with programming while getting lucrative jobs in the process.

But again, to have a thriving programming culture, you need to have someone who can motivate you and monitor your progress. This is where a Chapter Leader steps in to help you and the community to compete and learn. 

Chapter Leaders – Your commander in this programming battle! 

Any programming student who has an undying passion for competitive programming can lead the way. A Chapter Leader understands the importance of programming and is well aware of the campus’s lack of infrastructure. A leader is someone who wants to set things right and takes full responsibility for maintaining that programming culture. Along with a passion for competitive programming with CodeChef, a Chapter Leader spreads awareness and creates opportunities for their fellow students and teammates. 

We had a conversation with Kunal Singh, the College Chapter Leader at VIT, and this is what he said when asked about what is his favourite part of being a Chapter leader – 

“You learn many things, like how to work with a team, how to manage the schedule along with your studies. Also, when you have an event, you have to manage finances, sponsorships, everything. So you learn how to talk to people, approach companies, how to talk to guests, how to deal with your college management [laughs at the last one]”.

Opportunities are endless, and you just have to start acting as early as possible. If you are not satisfied with your college’s coding culture, it’s time for a serious revamp. College Chapter’s sole objective is to make you believe that you can compete with the elites and prepare you to go against the very best in the programming world. 

We have a blog where we talk about the responsibilities and other details related to a College Chapter so make sure you check that out. I hope that when the next call for applications submission for College Chapter starts, you will be ready. By the way, not all colleges that apply get to start CodeChef’s College Chapters. There are specific criteria to clear, and if you are interested to know more, drop a mail to content@codechef.com. 

We are looking forward to you hopping onto the CodeChef express! 

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