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It was the first contest of our birthday month, and we had to make it special. Not only did we double up the number of winners with special prizes for top women coders, but we had also had top tech companies such as CodeNation, Quadeye, Dialpad, and BetterPlace as our recruitment partners. It was a great contest with big prizes to bag, and it was as exciting as it gets. Well, we’ve got a recap of the entire thing ready. Enjoy!

A Problem-Set To Remember 

The Long Challenges always come packed with problems, and more often than not, a few of these are pretty tough. This time, Division One was given 10 problems to battle through during the duration of the 10-day. The most popular problem of the lot was Space Arrays. The problem got nearly 200 successful submissions alongside an accuracy rate of 59.5 percent. Players also seemed to enjoy problem Paparazzi Gennady as it saw more than 160 successful submissions. The tough problems for this Division included Random Walk Queries and Clique Boolean Expression. While Random Walk Queries got a total of only 29 correct answers, Clique Boolean Expression was even tougher as it gathered just 9 green ticks. 

For Division Two, the most solved problem was Interesting XOR! with more than 5.1k successful submissions. Problem Space Arrays was pretty popular here as well. The problem got a little over 5000 correct answers and had an accuracy rate of 30.78 percent. The villains of Division One made a reappearance here as they were once again the toughest problems to solve. Random Walk Queries saw a total of 12 successful submissions, whereas Random Clique Boolean had only 3 players getting the green tick. 

Meanwhile, Division Three was hard at work throughout the ten days. The problem that played crowd-favorite here was No Time To Wait as it saw 23,500+ successful submissions. Chef and Group was also a much-loved problem in this Division. The problem saw over 20k correct answers with an accuracy rate of 54.92 percent. Talking tough problems for the Division, we had Dense Graph and Locked Safe. While Dense Graph got to enjoy a total of 334 green ticks, Locked Safe was the players’ worst nightmare at only 45 correct answers. You can catch up with the video editorials for all the problems here – Video Editorials.

Dramatic Ranklists From Start To Finish. 

We absolutely can’t deny that the ranklists for this Long Challenge were cutthroat competition at its best. The winner for Division One was rns_cus, followed in the second spot by oilhun.The third place was occupied by participant krijgertje. All top three coders managed to jump into the 7-star league with this game. krijgertje was followed by krismaz, who amazed all of us with their display of skills. The fifth place was secured by Canadian coder nots0fast. The player gained 126 points in the contest and has switched stars to become a 7-star coder. 

The winner for Division Two was scheffeli. The player started the contest as a 4-star coder, and credit to the win is now ranked as a 5-star one. The second and third places were bagged by emorgan and aoligei respectively. Both players dazzled us with their display of skills and now qualify as 4-star coders. In the fourth place, we had participant scimoon and the fifth position was taken by stelian. . 

Coming to Division Three, coder suiseiseki was the one who clinched 1st position here. The player started this contest as a 1-star coder and has ended it as a 3-star one. 2nd place went to French player wala. The participant was able to use this opportunity to level-up to a 4-star coder. The third position was occupied by participant rohank2502. The Indian used this contest to switch stars from 1 to 2. We were witness to a 3-way tie for fourth place as Indian coders ishitabiswas44, jay7765, and prathamesh111 all scored exactly 1006.511.

Well, that’s the end of our recap. We certainly hope you enjoyed the read. Until next time this is CodeChef co-respondent Riddhi Acharya hoping for an equally happening March Cook-Off!

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