Why Do You Badly Need A Well Oiled Coding Club In Your College?

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What do super awesome coders do? They harness their knack in technology into a constructive skill. Where does that happen? At the club!  Gamers, developers, hackers, and all the tech geeks have their own club – The Coding Club. Sure, the IITs have been running their clubs for years, and they get to have the best coding environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure. But that doesn’t mean your college can’t beat that. It’s not the infrastructure that defines the club, it is the coders who do. It’s all about learning to solve problems with computational thinking, creating your own programs, applications, games, and most importantly, meeting new coders. 

We at CodeChef believe that there is nothing more important than individual ability. With just the right amount of dedication and practice, every student can become the coder they aspire to be. Even with a lack of proper infrastructure or a well-structured coding curriculum, there’s always a way. You can foster a feeling of competitiveness and growth by introducing a Coding Club in your college. Run and maintained entirely by the students with help from some like-minded faculty, this can be the first big step in your programming journey.

What is a Coding Club? 

Most engineering colleges have clubs dedicated to programming activities. Students maintain these with some help from the faculties. Programming enthusiasts exchange ideas, engage in developing apps, games, interfaces, host and take part in programming events such as hackathons and programming competitions, provide each other with information and study materials, and hone their skills for the big professional world ahead. 

Why do you need a Coding Club in the first place?

Coding clubs ensure that you learn programming the fun way and not consider it as a subject beyond your reach. It adds a sports-feel to programming and that’s exactly what you need to enjoy it. And once you start getting the adrenaline rush every time you see a problem statement to code, you know you are strong enough for any programming pursuit.

A Coding Club also has several activities that prepare you for the most intimidating interviews you can come across. Having said so, active participation in coding clubs makes sure that your individual and teamwork skills improve significantly. Once you have practised for days judiciously, your college placements don’t matter much because the skills attained have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for you!  

How does a Coding Club make you a better programmer?

Regular sessions and skilled mentors: Seniors or fellow coders ensure that you learn the subject thoroughly without any worry of tests/exams. You see a lot many like you, and it helps to do combine-study. Well-mentored sessions conducted in a Coding Club are elaborative, in-depth, and straightforward to logic. Mentors help you with difficult concepts, and you can always have a doubt-clearing session with them.

Focus on mastering problem-solving skills: Coding is not about who has the highest ratings. The one who has the best problem-solving skills is the ultimate winner in this battle. Coding Clubs help you work on your weaknesses and teach you how to use them as a weapon for your next quest. This indeed makes you a better problem solver. 

Compete Together: Coding Clubs frequently organise online contests. They encourage their members to take part in such contests and post-contest, discuss the most impressive and interesting problems from CodeChef, Codeforces, etc. This is a sure-shot way to improve your rankings at these various coding platforms.

Networking and referrals: Coding Clubs work as a network where you can interact and work with students from other colleges too. Being a part of such a club allows the alumni team from big companies to refer your resume, which helps you get over one of the biggest hurdles of college placements. 

If that sounds like a good way to be ahead in the game, it’s time to get your own Coding Club running. You might be in the first or second year of your college, but it’s never too late to begin anything. You don’t need infrastructure or tons of money from your college, to begin something like this. All you need is to gather around people like you who are passionate about coding and get started. 

If you happen to start a fresh Coding Club in your college or you already have one, but it is not adequately maintained, then I have got a piece of excellent news for you. Following this blog, there’s another blog solely for those who want to take their Coding Club to the next level, so make sure to check that out as well.

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I really hope this was enough to provide you with the much-needed motivation. Ciao! 

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